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Jun 27, 2016
Aug 25, 2011
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jmagician90 was last seen:
Jun 27, 2016
    1. QuoteMissy
      koume and koutake was joking about the last part, no need to cuss us out. Yesh.
      If you're looking for a competitive Guild then Submerged Embassy is your best bet albeit the competitive scene have been slowing down on these forums in recent months.
    2. KamenAeons
      Okay then. Now that response was a tad rude from you as well.

      Pixel Dreams is not like the other guilds that focus on battling to gain a higher standing. It is also not active to the point where you'll see us battling every time due to our members specialising in other fields such as breeding etc.

      If you had cared to take a look at our records, you would have seen that we have not had any wars with other guilds, so in this case, you are at fault for being rude. Please read the first few posts of a guild before asking questions. And if you really must, please ask those in charge of the guild about what it does.

      Asking in the guild thread when you are not already a member is already infringing the Guilds Section's Rules and Guidelines, last time I checked.
    3. King Wulfharth
      King Wulfharth
      I've added you and would like to help with your Safari, add me?
      1719 4249 5926
    4. Matoro
      Are you in the lobby? I don't see you.
    5. Matoro
      Hey dude sup I'm new to AA and not that great so I'm trying to just get wins by sheer number of battles
      If you're on PS now what's your name
      It's not your sppf name
    6. Rising Star
      Rising Star
      Jmagician are you going to be playing in Contrail's Serebii Conquest tourney? You still have all 4 of your pokemon.
    7. Kingothestone
      From the time of this post, you have Just over 40 hours to complete a match for the Serebii Conquest Tournament or you will be disqualified.
    8. Dragonicwari
      I'm on PS, only warning, my internet connection might die. Challenge me anyways :)
    9. Dragonicwari
      It's cool, we can have a match another time
    10. Dragonicwari
      I don't see you :/ You're on the main PS server right?
    11. Dragonicwari
      Hopefully it doesn't lag with the user thing >.>
    12. Dragonicwari
      Yeppers, is yours?
    13. Dragonicwari
      Just message me on PS when you are
    14. Dragonicwari
      PS, take your time, I'll be waiting
    15. Dragonicwari
      I can battle right now if you would like
    16. Dragonicwari
      There's room, just battle 3 of the war team members and I'll talk to them (you can battle me as well)
    17. Dragonicwari
      So are you interested in being in the war team?
    18. Hudsonn98
      Sorry about not getting back to you, I'm suffering from massive sleep deprivation. Just give me about a day (so I can sleep) and then we can battle.
    19. dragonuser™
      pmd u on server
    20. dragonuser™
      u ready?

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