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  • I never visit the Anime section anymore either. Gravy and Alfonso stopped showing up that much, and V Faction has been gone for a while so I saw no point in staying. I also haven't been watching much of the D/P series. I can still be found in Misc and GPD though
    I was writhing on the floor, clutching my stopped heart as I helplessly read your transmission come into my MSN window one by one. So yes, your suspicions were correct.
    Hansel: He's so hot right now.

    I'm searching for a job as I prepare my last quarter of university. Preferably in the video game development industry as a programmer somewhere in San Francisco or Los Angeles. If I don't make it, I'll probably end up getting a job as a video game tester temporarily in Los Angeles while I work on independent video games to build my portfolio. I'm glad that I'm at least guaranteed a job as a tester; a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science is probably overkill for brainless video game testing though the pay doesn't look too great. XD

    BTW, I did a paper comparing the labor policy between Britain and France. Dayum, you guys work long hours. I can't believe you guys have a maximum of 48 hours a week. How many hours does Cup of 'Jo work?
    XD Good to see you've stepped into the adult world easily! I'm about to as well...my college years will start this September! :X I got accepted to one of the 3 schools I applied to and was wait-listed on the one I really wanted to go into. -.- Just gotta wait it out...but I'm confident I can get in. *nods* I'm glad you responded so quickly to my message here - I had realized we haven't spoken in a while, so yeah. XD

    And yeah...the DT...holds great memories, but it really fell to ****. I don't expect you to go back in (I wouldn't, if I were you XD) since all you'd be doing is repeating yourself a million times to people who don't listen. At least CC was a good debater. o.o
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