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  • GG that was a great game you played well hang in there the battles are just going to get tougher I'm not one of the weak leaders but I am a great leader to start with:D
    Also, there is no honedge 5, so i put the only one i had honedge-2 (31/xx/31/31/31/31). It's a special honedge
    I have taken in your order and added you, add me back!
    Your order-
    Shellder 5, Rotom 1, Honedge 5, 2 Mystery Eggs
    Hey, I just remembered. I have been writing my fan fic, Maelstrom, and I have a cool idea for incorporating Jo the Archaeologist in the story for a couple of chapters. May I?
    Ok, feel free to challenge again any time! I promise it won't take a couple of months next time, haha. And now you know my strategies, so that's one advantage for later!
    Hey, sorry, I remember a while back you wanted to have a gym battle, but I pushed it back. I'm free from school now and if you still want to actually have the battle for the badge, just VM me back
    Right, so you wanna work the gym match around the RP then? or set it before or after? Or just slug it out now and figure it out afterwards, which might be asier since I have an interview at 330.

    And no worries, it wouldn't be as fun if trying to schedule battles over timezones were easy
    Looks like I missed ya. Gonna scoot now, I'll probably be up late again tonight, I can see about catching ya then!
    Gym Decription for you, for RP purposes. Gloverwill be somewhere to meet you, but here you go...

    The little cottage didn't look big enough. Maybe the match was to be outside, but then again with the big Groudon fountain in the middle of the curtyard, maybe not. And the two giant lightningrods sticking out of the side of the house's peaked roof hnted that maybe it might have a few more secrets. The good news, someone had done a lot to spruce up the place and make it look more lively than a Mad Scientist's dwelling. It looked almost like something from Hansel & Gretal... with big honkin' lightningrods sticking out of the roof...

    Stepping in thorugh the door, guests are greeted byt a sideways foyer. A big TV, once used to boast the former tenent wacky and sometimes illegal inventions was now looping the weather and news from the world.
    Orre politics was too disheartning on their own.

    Under the table, Glover had set out a small buffet for People and Pokemon alike. On the far table was a steaming loaf under a protective glass. A sign read Sweet Poffins mixed with Revival Herbs for after the match. A door to the left was marked "Private Residence", but one to the right lead to a living room sized lounge area. Another TV on a stand was turned off, and next to it was a computer for last minute changes. And in the back: An Elevator. A pointed hand facing the door said "To the Gym."

    Taking the elevator down lead to a cavernous room. It was far and away much bigger than regulation. The stripes painted in the floor overlapped two side-by-side match arenas with one going across: Two Gym leaders could have their fights at the same time without bothering each other, and STILL have plenty of room. In fact, many were sure the Hoenn Legendaries could duke it out down here, and no one would be the wiser.

    The whole sytructure looked like a hanger, aside from being undergorund with a small house on top of it. A hatch in the far ceiling looked like where the Groudon statue was, that must have been how the vehicles; a small walking tank and a submarine chief among them, invented down here were removed. The number of doors lining the walls were almost as overhwleming, were the rooms off this one as big? How much stuff could one have to need that many closets?
    Yeah, I think I'm about as ready as I'll be. Had to run some errands again today, I should be home all of tomorrow. You're how many time zones ahead of the Eastern part of the US, 5?
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