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  • It's otay, I'd completely forgotten. Maybe sometime soon. It really depends on the day, because I've recently been busy/out of it.
    yeah displeased owl has a heck of a lot of sp. def and infernape doesn't, that plus porygon z has like the highest sp. atk stat is no surprise infernape went down. your opener was really good though, im lucky i came prepared wth my own intimidation!
    yeah lets hope, i'll get to 4 and crash because sab whipped me last time because i foolishly thought that my thunderdance would cut it, but his taking out of my kyogre meant it was all downhill i had nothing to set the rain up again!
    good game for a minute i thought i made the wrong move when switching out to infernape, that zangoose coulda been packing aerial ace! and porygon-z is just a nightmare for me to deal with! but gg, i'm one step closer to becoming red trainer :p
    yeah at lv100, thats max power. gosh i love ev training ^.^ got the following:
    gallade 383atk
    heracross 381 atk
    dialga 414spatk
    staraptor 372attack
    an electivire that might hit max wanna help me check? and a future tyraniter gauranteed to have max attack. ^.^
    I have an idea which I think would be interesting to try out just for fun. You now have that shiny Ho-oh which I gave you after our battle, and I wish to see how well you can use it. Here's my idea: if you can get the shiny Ho-oh to level 100, I would like to have a rematch against you. Here's the catch; in the battle each of us can only use two pokemon, our actual battler and something else so that the party is full enough to go on wifi. You use the shiny Ho-oh along with a bidoof or some crap like that, while I use one of my other tough guys (and a weakling). By tough guys I mean that it would be something fitting against a Ho-oh like a shiny Lugia or something like that.
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