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  • nah anything i trade you can keep. was just gonna trade it in my shop anyway. nothing terribly exciting.
    the number does come from the game, but if you use wi fi in a different system it erases all your fc and resets your own.
    yeah i have enough. i'm gonna trade some items with them too, since i'll starting this game over soon and i can't transfer them up.
    also i'm gonna have to change the fc... the battery is bad. and i want to have enough juice to transfer up the pokemon for you
    get it in a min.
    silver fc 2623 7578 7015 though the system thought it might die when i went into the room. i might need to change systems.
    but it should be fine if we time it right.
    sorry for the late reply. was having trouble getting my next job started. gonna have lots of down time on this one.
    and yeah i don't mind helping you transfer pokemon up. i've got 2 systems with me today so i can do it right away.
    let me know if you are still on. let me double check to see what my fc is (not sure if it will change)
    i can add a glaceon. one of them is on hold, but any of the rest are ok to chose from i believe. (pretty sure none of them have been traded, but i'll double check before the trade)
    sound ok to me. i can trade in gen 4 no problem. then we do another trade in gen5 to get the three to you?
    ok sounds good. we can trade for it if you like. i'm open. when you catch the legit one can you nickname it something? i really like nicknames so if they can be nicknamed i prefer if they do.

    let me know when you're ready and have everything together.
    i have a gen 4 game if you prefer to do that. or i can hold them. i'm ok with either. let me know if the groudon is hacked or not. i have one, but it's a masterball. i just think they're ugly so i don't like them.
    I have a venasuar, a paras, a krabby, a flaaffy, a jumpluff I believe, I can catch a qwilfish, I can breed a magby, I have a torchic, I have a luxio, a hippowdon, electivires from pbr :3 I'd give them all for either the pikachu
    this sounds like a deal if your willing. i'm okay with out the torchic. i do have one. just need the evolved one. so i'm ok with out it.

    how would you feel about the groudon and the latios for the victini? (i have both the pikachu and victini on hold right now, until you decide.) if you haven't caught the latios yet, can you nickname it? thanks. let me know what you think of the second idea.
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