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    wow thats early. actually yer i think i remember mum saying that when family from over there told her. or something i dunno.
    but yer definitely no snow. we dont even get snow in winter. in a few places you will like up in the mountains but that's it. our winter is just cold, wind and rain. it sucks.
    but our summer hasn't been that great so far. were getting a lot of rain, it's weird. today's perfect though. i have a couple friends coming over to come in the pool which should be good :)
    ah yer thats alright.
    oh yer, has it started to snow or anything over in denmark yet? or does it normally snow later there?
    ah well that makes sense then.
    LOL no she didnt meet a surfer dude, get married and move to australia. She moved here when she was 13 with the rest of her family. So theres quite a few of us down here.
    I've really got to concentrate on what I'm doing. Thats the second time that I've posted on my own profile instead of yours LOL not exactly used to it yet, I always think its like facebook. :p
    really? well english is just as bad when it comes to words. words with two meanings, words that sound the same but have different ways of being spelt and different meanings. its hard to learn im sure. but yer i tried learning some danish just last weekend with mum. it didnt turn out that great lol :p
    i pick up on things when mum and mormor or bedstefar talk danish and whenever family come down from denmark though.
    How do you know english so well? do you learn it in school?
    oohh my bad. well in the dictionary it had du and dig. and then i saw in your comment it was du so i thought why not just put that in.
    but thank you, your cool simply coz your danish lol :p
    haha well im not really great at speaking danish. i only know a few things since ive always lived in australia. but yer i pick up on things mum says.
    i know hvordan gar det
    tak for det
    jeg elske du
    but i have a dictionary to help :p
    hey i know this is going to be very random but YOU..ARE..AWESOME coz your from denmark :)
    only saying coz im danish but i know nobody else that is apart from my family. okay thats all :p
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    hey man sorry about the late reply my internet is down at my house and I won't have enough money to fix it until next thursday, if you still need mew then we can trade :D
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