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John Madden
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  • You are actually my hero and it disappoints me that I can't rep you multiple times. Know that I am pos repping the hell out of you in my heart. <3
    Actually, Huckster, I'm certain of it. I know him from another website, which he practically owned. The only reason he supports Republicans is because they are Republicans. If Jesus himself came down from Heaven and told people that Mr. Obama was innocent of the scandals people accuse him of, Lutz would claim that Jesus was "in on it".
    Where's your fedora?

    in the same place as you're good posts
    ……Easily one of the best comebacks of the year, if not the best.
    Sorry, I didn't count it myself. I've corrected it though.

    go on with yo bad self
    the only thing where i really identify with the republican party is the whole fiscal conservatism thing, but its not as strong of a value in their party as it used to be. WE CANT SPEND MONEY ON ANYTHING OR ANYONE, HELP YOURSELVES.

    wait, the military? lets jack that **** up yo.
    i like your posts mr.

    mainly because i think that your heart bleeds as much as mine. ahaha *knee slap*
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