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John Madden
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  • Haha, I was kind of kidding about the party. Kind of. I'm not actually sure if I'll be around Cleveland in July, but we'll see!

    Man, it's moments like this I realize how long my username is. The name's Angel, which is a lot easier.

    And you got it; I'm a Case nerd.

    Also, have you ever talked to Manly Blissey on these forums before? He goes to OSU as well.
    One of those "everyone else is wrong, I'm the only one who's right" complexes, huh? Gotta love the incapacity to comprehend that the world doesn't function on their process of thinking.
    At least you have a hangover as an excuse. I almost outright flamed them (maybe even actually crossed that threshold too lol). I love a good forum crusade. It's fun watching kiddies get banned starting a crusade on the perceived "Elite" lol
    okay, so now that I'm done laughing so hard at the all kinds of stupid, thought I'd say hi to someone who isn't currently acting like a 4 year old crusader XD
    Hi there, Huckster. You know, I've hardly ever even seen you before, let alone interacted with you in any way. So I'm wondering, what's with all the grousing?
    You live in Colombus, Ohio.
    You said 32km, as in kilometers.

    This is America, son. We don't do kilometers.
    I'd also like to note that I am currently wearing a leather jacket.

    Gotta say I love whichever cow they murdered to make this thing.
    Seriously dude, you're not being cool by supporting animal cruelty, even as a joke. All you're doing is wasting oxygen.
    To be clear: I wasn't justifying 9/11 jokes. I was just pointing out the hypocricy of Holocaust and jokes about other disasters are more accepted than 9/11 jokes. I wasn't referencing anyone on this forum while doing so nor was I trying to justify my own actions.

    I suggest we both delete our post on the 9/11 thread so to keep free from further derailing.
    good god it's sort of like the doctor who episode "the parting of the ways"

    except instead of time vortex energy it's good posting

    such that the doctor (the forums) removes time vortex energy (good posting) from Rose (its users) via a kiss (newer users registering)

    and also the forums don't regenerate afterward out of spite

    e: basically what i'm saying is y'all kids think too highly of yourselves
    Marry me ?
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