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  • (Your inbox is still full, so I have to keep posting these messages on your wall.)

    Thank you for the clarification; that is basically what I was wondering (since there is only one legitimate type of shiny Mew).

    The Scizor is indeed already EV-trained--in Attack and HP, I believe--so no, it is not untouched. Did you still want it? If so, I will try to switch around the moves for you.
    Cool! And was it caught?

    You mentioned that you were looking for Scizor? I currently have this one.

    Name: AboutToday (nicknamed)
    Lv.: 58
    Nature: Adamant
    IVs: 31 in HP and Attack
    Ability: Technician
    Moves: Bullet Punch, Brick Break, X-Scissor, Counter

    Does this look interesting to you?
    Oh, I was just wondering because as far as everyone has been able to determine, only the Japanese Faraway Island Mew can be shiny. So yeah, I guess its name, and did it come from an event, or was it caught?
    Hello,are you searching for shinies too?I have a Shiny Starmie and a Shiny Dusknoir up for trade.They are EV trained.VM if you want them...They are free.
    i have some shiny pokemon for trade 6 to be exact and a master ball for the power items and a poliwag with these egg moves bubblebeam ice ball mudshot
    Sorry but it's not for trade and even it was you should know that it's still forbidden to trade this Archeus in Serebii!!!
    So do not ask again about it!!!!
    hey i have a TRU Regigigas.though i suppose it's not for trade,i'm interested in that eigakan Arceus.i had to try my luck lol so let me know k :)
    Hey, thanks for visting. Time to return the favor. Oh and if you're wondering about the pic, it says "WRITING IS SERIOUS BUISNESS" just in case the text is too small for you. And the pic is custom, so don't look for it. L0L Jk. The text looked way bigger when I was making it.
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