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John The Greek
Last Activity:
Jul 24, 2013
Apr 22, 2009
Likes Received:

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John The Greek

Event pkmn searcher, from Athens/Greece

John The Greek was last seen:
Jul 24, 2013
    1. John The Greek
      John The Greek
      What about shymin???
    2. arceus7
      what do you mean wait?
    3. John The Greek
      John The Greek
      Got it!! wait!!
    4. arceus7
      my code is 5456 5818 2394
    5. John The Greek
      John The Greek
      ok but tell me first your code!!!
    6. arceus7
      but I am ready to walk in their now!
    7. John The Greek
      John The Greek
      Yes but I should go now what about an another day???
      Just tell me time and I will be there!!
    8. arceus7
      I am ready I just caught the regigigas
    9. John The Greek
      John The Greek
      No sorry!!
      I've trade them a couple of days ago!! sorry :(
    10. arceus7
      do you have a zap plate or a insect plate?
    11. John The Greek
      John The Greek
      I have both "stone edge" and "giga impact" I will put them in my pokemon and put the berries in yours ok???
      Also are you searching for any other pokemon????
      I can might help you!!!
    12. arceus7
      I would like a TM 59 and giga impact or stone edge or do you have a zap plate or an insect plate i really need those two
    13. John The Greek
      John The Greek
      So we deal!!!
      Ah.. not to forget do you want any item like Master ball in exchange your berry???
      I can give you TMs, Master Ball for your Gustap berry and the Micle Berry ok???
    14. arceus7
      sure I have to go get the regi first though but ok
    15. John The Greek
      John The Greek
      Look I will give you Latios and Latias and you will give me lvl 1 Regigigas and TRU Shymin is that ok???
    16. arceus7
      What do you want in exchange for the latias?
    17. John The Greek
      John The Greek
      Look I want the 1 lvl Regigigas (or Shymin if you find it hard to get one) with one of these berries (I prefere Gustap).
      Also I have Latias do you want it,too????
    18. arceus7
      I can get a level 1 regigigas for you. I can offer 6 pixies and I can offer a kingdra level thirty nine with dragon scale and I can make rare berries such as enigma micle and custap
    19. John The Greek
      John The Greek
      I'm searching for these pokemon do you have any???
      Also I would be pleased if they are UT!!!

      Hadou Mew
      Mitsurin Celebi
      Channel Jirachi
      Negaboshi Jirachi
      and a level 1 Regigigas
    20. John The Greek
      John The Greek
      A simple Latios??
      Well... what else do you have to give me???
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  • About

    Favourite Pokémon:


    I am searching for:

    Red:Really need

    Onemuri Pikachu
    French regigigas
    German Regigigas
    Spanish Regigigas

    TRU Regigigas
    Jeremy Events
    Palcity Manaphy

    Shinys for trade:
    rayquaza (not for trade)
    Mew (need good offer)

    I have these items for trade:
    All Arceus Plates
    All TM's
    All Fossils (exept Doom)
    All Shards
    Rare Candies
    Heart Scales
    Red,Blue,Yellow,White,Black Flute

    ;172; Proud owner of a Shokotan ;172;

    FC:3437 9447 3331