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  • I am sending this to you because you have nominated in "Pokemon Big Brother" before. Season 6 nominations are now open. If you would like to not be informed of this in the future, please let me know.

    But, feel free to nominate if you would like! This is a new season with a brand new story!
    I do not know. I did not know you could block people on here.

    I guess he blocked you because of Joecano or something. I do not know. I will look into it though.
    BTW, I am about to post the finale(part 2) of PBB. Nominations won't be open immediately, but try to stick around to answer the questions I ask. I would like to hear your opinions. Plus you might like what happens in the finale.
    Wow I missed a lot! xD I love Joecano he's really funny though I feel you make fun of his coolness a lot?

    You're lucky you got people like Grey Walrus and MarshtompMan writing Joecano. You think they misunderstand your character because he's "cool?" Joecano is one of the worst concepts for a character I've seen in PBB. Hell, it may be one of the worst characters I've seen in anything I've been involved in, and I've seen some bad characters before (including my damn own).

    I'm not even saying all of my characters are a home run (hell Delpop is one of the worst I made because it was so easy to write differently to how I wanted it but that's how it goes sometimes), but you *really* need to check yourself out if you think Joecano is as good of a character as you think he is.

    Trust me, he ain't, and I'd write him as such.
    Can you give me some specifics for the banner? For example, I'd like to know the specific images you want to be featured, and what kind of banner you want (for example, regular banner or avatar banner?). You don't have to give me any specifics, but if that's the case I'll just find my own images and do what works best. :)
    It's not that I am making fun of his coolness, more like that is how I see is the best way to portray him based on how the description was written.
    I was wondering if I could have a banner that features Volcarona, Minato(from Naruto), and NiGHTS(from NiGHTS Into Dreame) with the caption Worlds Collide... I always think it best to give an artist free reign cause that's so interesting to me(I'm not really an artist so I feel someone else may have a better vision than I) but if someone is interested and would like images or an outline I can provide
    I was browsing the Fan Art Open Request Thread because I was bored. Do you still want this banner?
    Congratulations! Your nominee, Joecano, has made his way into "All-Star Island". Would you like me to notify you when it begins?
    No, I will contact you after the end of the season. Just use the time between now and then to give him a name and a personality.

    Also, I know you just voted but I also just posted the new episode.
    Thank you for finding interest in PBB, I am sorry to you inform you that sign ups are currently closed. Feel free to vote and participate and if you want, I can put you on the list to have a priority spot in the sign ups for next season.
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