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  • You've been subbed into The Combatants Cup and are now part of The Regal Renegades. You will be battling in weeks 8 and 9. See the Combatants Cup thread on Saturdays for new round postings.
    hey im in round 1-a in CC's tourney vs sciz if i win im vsing you. when are you available sciz and i will try to get it done very soon
    Oh yeah, I remember that time when duck overdared me and got all butthurt about it and left to make his own clan somewhere. -w-

    Oh and, are you by any chance, in a clan? Reason im asking is cuz well, ours is kinda dying.
    Hey nice to see you back. I've been sick this past week, but for normal days I can be found at xat.com/golden_tiger_palace at 4-7 pm gmt-4 :)
    Ok. I'll try to find you over the next two days (because this will probably be the best time for me to be able to battle). If you're on, just please be on the xat, i'll probably be there too.
    Hi John. I know we don't know each other that well, but we were both members of TBC. Today TBC was closed due to drama. Right now it's kind of being split up. Elite and Zero are opening up the Chaos Theory while me, Wolf, and Dark are opening The Pokemon Resistance. We're all still friends, however we think this is the best option for now. The choice of which clan to go to is yours.
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