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  • It is legitimate- it was probably bred by Masuda method because it is not flawless. It's not hacked.
    That's because they're a new user. And based on the nature of their posts, they didn't bother to read the rules of the trade forum.
    He doesn't have a case against you. In order to actually convict someone of being a scammer, you have to have concrete evidence against said person. Currently, there are two ways to get a conviction. 1: Take someone's Pokémon in the middle of a tradeback by cancelling the trade before it's finished. 2) Trade hacks on purpose, then refuse to trade back. So really, this is a case where despite your best efforts to trade, you are unable to through no fault of your own. If this guy reports you, let me know and I'll permanently blacklist him from my trade shop. I will have no dealings with people of an unpleasant demeanor. Pray tell, who is the offender?
    Refusing to participate in a trade is valid if the connection is bad. However, if you were supposed to do a tradeback because you still have someone's Pokémon, and you cancel, THEN it's considered scamming.
    I can't trade today though so I got time to wait, it doesbt take that long when you use serebii, is your Ho oh on gen5?
    You can ask the man in the battle subway about potential and if he says a stat can't be better then that stat is flawless, or check with serebii's iv calculator
    Oh crap I forgot to take Bulbasaur out of the shop I traded mine a month ago I am curious about the Ho oh is it RNG'D or did you catch it yourself through soft resetting on SS or HG?
    Hello my name is SmeargleRocks, or if my name doesn't say it anymore then my username has officially changed, I am an avid shiny and event collector I read your post and saw you are also looking for and have rareish shinies, I was wondering if you could tell me what you have for trade and if you could look in my shop to see what I have, the link is in my sig, thanks
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