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Recent content by JohnBurgundy

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    IV Bred Trading Thread

    Hey guys, I don't really have anything to trade. I was looking for any donations for any Battle Spot ready competitive Pokemon. So basically anything 5IV level 50 or whatever that can be used in Battle Spot. I know this is a lot to ask for. But I would appreciate any help. I will be checking in...
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    Team Building Help Thread

    Competing in my first VGC tournament!!! I will be competing in a tournament this weekend with VGC 15 doubles rules. I have never competed before and I am frantically trying to get my team all planned out and bred by Friday night. So far I have this: Clefable - Magic Guard Sitrus Berry Bold...
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    I got stuck working late. Will 8ish work for you?

    I got stuck working late. Will 8ish work for you?
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    Thanks a lot!! Do you think we can make the trades around 6pm Central Time tomorrow?

    Thanks a lot!! Do you think we can make the trades around 6pm Central Time tomorrow?
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    AlbinoDino's 24/7 Egg Move Pokemon Giveaway

    HA Piplup HA Squritle HA Froakie All Clean, genders do not matter. IGN: Juan Juanson DS Name: Juanson FC: 4656-6478-1692
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    5 IV pokemon GIVEAWAY!!!

    Name of pokemon: Rotom-6, scyther 3, Larvesta 5, Rotom-3, Mystery Egg IGN: Juan Juanson 3ds Name:Juanson 3ds FC: 4656-6578-1692 Pokerus: preferable Nicknames: none
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    Looking to do battle with someone that has the same team. The way I'd like to do it, is to have a draft in which each person takes turns selecting one Pokemon until 6 have been chosen. Then after the 6 have been chosen, each player gets 1 week to catch/breed and train their 6. On the 7th day we...
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    Item & Pokerus Trading Thread

    Looking for Pokerus to do some EV Horde training. Don't really have a whole lot to offer. I can try to IV breed someone upon request.
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    Eevee Friendly RMT

    Hey it's no problem, I had a boring security job where I sat at a desk for 10 hours a day(today was my last day!!) and to kill time I would just research pokemon and build teams around gimmicks for fun. I had always wanted to build a complete Baton Pass Eevolution team, so this gave me something...
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    Eevee Friendly RMT

    Yea, I get what ya mean, a pixelated STAB Hyper Beam does hit hard. When exactly is this tournament?
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    Eevee Friendly RMT

    Oooooh. I didn't know it was rotation battle. Similar strategy can be used. You would just have 3 out and 3 in bag. You would be able to Baton Pass to one in the bag. It's the same exact concept with having to predict more on what the opponent does and you would have only 3 pokemon to pass to vs...
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    Eevee Friendly RMT

    So this will be my first completed Eevee team build. While you will not encounter any Garchomps or Talonflames, one thing you will surely encounter is a Baton Passing team. SO I put together a Baton Passing team for you. I'm sure someone out there can tweak it to make it a little better. I...
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    2 Double Strategies, Which is Better?

    I like the second one a little better. Have you considered maybe going for either a water absorb/storm drain or volt absorb/lightning rod team? I personally love these strategies in triples. I'd recommend these changes: Swap out Rhypherior for Cradily Item: Leftovers Ability: Storm Drain...
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    "Unloved" Pokemon

    As far as unloved, how about Ditto? Basically, they are kidnapped from their habbitat's and taken to an old man's house and forced to ***** to 100s-1000s of Pokemon ranging from creatures made of blades or flames to giant spiders and literal bags of garbage. It's forced to sleep with both...
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    Skill Swap Team

    So I got a Victini recently and wanted to put together a Skill Swap team. If we still had DS wifi I'd be able to put skill swap directly on it, but since we don't I will need a Skill Swapper. These are for triple battles. Before I go into the details of each pokemon, I'd like to give an overview...