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    just a quick question, is it ok for me to join a club on this forum and remain in the THT? there's been one that i've been looking at for a while but if i had a choice between the two, i'd always go with THT
    Im not in THT so unless THT has some special rules this should be correct.

    You may join clubs throughout the forums and there is no limit to how many clubs you can be in. But you can only be in one guild and it doesnt affect your ability to join clubs :)
    Just received that Duskull today, believe it or not.

    As for what I want for it, as long as it is KB/Shiny and has similar IVs, I'm open to whatever I don't have for it. Though if you have one, Shiny Croagunk sounds pretty nice right now. Do you have a list of tradables lying around anywhere?
    Sure, sorry I didn't see your message earlier but I'm free all day Saturday as far as I know so we can battle then.
    Well mixed ape is good for both special and physical attacks but if you are going to go all special with it then the fox is for you
    I like it what fire type pokemon are you going to use I may have a set for it
    Hey do you want to battle? I just joined the Hoenn triangle, and I want to see what it's really made of.
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