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  • Though I respect that situation going on with your friend, I absolutely refuse to remove them, or offer them as non-redis. I traded those pokemon fair and square as fully-redis... had they been non-redis, I would never have taken them. You need to speak with you friend and tell him that i will not follow his wishes unfortunately. Also, I have no idea why he sent you to talk to me instead of reaching out to me himself... That is really not a good look.

    Furthermore... why in the hell did he change his redis rights on some pokemon that HE MADE HIMSELF? I am sorry... with all due respect that is some little kid ****... That is the biggest bait and switch scam I have ever heard of. Quite frankly his (or your) request offends the **** out of me... That's absolute ********... He can take it up with a moderator if need be. I am not changing anything on those guys.

    Sorry to be a dick about this, but he is the 1st person I have come across to ever make such a request... In the case that someone did not respect his wishes about redis rights... he needs to take it up with the individual who traded with me in the 1st place.

    Again, I respectfully ask him to contact me himself if he feels so adamant about this. It is unlikely I will change anything, but I want to hear his side of the story myself.
    think I have 4-5 under mine lol expecting to buy some 4th gen games in the sales lol post for each game. Nice thread btw :)
    it might take a few days think mine took 3. but its well worth it. :3 glad to see another shop being opened
    there some rnger's here you can trade only a few have shops here but at least you can trade among people who rng
    well i actually just trade with only like 3 people on here mostly since there the only ones that have what i need and it's more active here than pokecomm. and i don't rng yet so i can't trade in poke community to others because i don't have my own pokes =/
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