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  • hahaha yeah I still have a some event shinies I need to rng on my older games but sadly to say I lost my black version last week so it sucks -_- however I could just soft reset most of them on oras since there mostly legendaries however loosing the game cost me some dream ball mons and some ha still on there -_- but anyway its late where I live and got work tomorrow again you have a good night ^_^
    depends on you tbh I only add stuff to my charts that I mm,sos,chain,random encounter, friend safari or soft reset to my charts. I add numbers on my hatch or soft reset it shows up as or add sos,re,fs,chain to my chart ^_^ my chart is for all the shinies I got throughout my games starting from 3rd gen and up. I never got one on silver or gold >.> I transferred over shinies from gba games,and regular ds carts XD
    yep no problem glad to help out ^_^ also i can add the two shiny pokemon in your chart this time but after that its up to you to edit your chart ;) just a heads up saw you asked for a special request about adding them in :3 and yeah I use to be super swamped back in the day with the old art shop since I was pretty well known plus serebii was more hopping at the time seems the forums slowed down after a few years...anyway glad to take your request ^_^
    lol no worries it happens I mean I ran a art shop three times already accumulated so much different banners I offer that after awhile it gets overwhelming and easy to miss ;) and sure :D
    yeah there is a option in the shop for that? it should be the last one under the spoiler that says banners ^_^ its the very last one too its called shiny chart banners :p I got so many banners listed so it can be easily missed XD
    Hey did I ever PM you my Friend Code? If so I'm sorry for VMing this but I can get a bit worried about this kind of stuff. .__. My FC is 2294-5570-9607 if you still need it.
    Yeshh no rush! just let me know if you can clone it. if not, you don't need to notify me, its ok!
    ah could you clone the rayquaza and send one copy for me? xD only if you can... I made a mistake, it seems I only have one of it.
    but if you fail to clone due to the updates, its fine!
    omg I cant open my bank cause of a disconnection, can u wait like 15 mins or so? so osrry about this
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