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  • Trapinch is found In hg/ss are in the safari zone, in pearl they are at route 228 w/ pokeradar and what would you want for it? And thnks alot for offering, ill make it worth your while :D!
    Feel free to post here; Im open to trade, I trade bred pokemon and also take request for natures and moves.

    Gible, munna, charmander, zorua, riolu, skorupi, growlithe, shinx, poocheyena, snivy, tepig, oshawott, turtwig, chimchar, piplup, dieno, bagon, simisear, scraggy, mudkip, torchic, and more for your best pokèmon and/or item offers

    Currently need:

    Moon stone
    Exp. Share

    Pokèmon (All male):
    Shiny ninetails (lv.40 or below)
    Shiny Ponyta (lv.25 or below)
    UT Aron (lv.9 or below) Adamant
    Shiny cubchoo
    Shiny axew (lv.30 or below) adamant
    Shiny Flygon (lv.50 or below) preferred timid but i dont care

    And I also battle (btw)
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