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  • Sorry, I'm using it to participate in the Spring Safari Zone event. Otherwise it would indeed have been up for trade.
    Then you are soon to be the proud owner of the first Cryogonal in Fizzy Bubbles! (and you're probably the only dude that can handle this Cold One =P ) I'll go ahead and start the trade!
    Hi! I'll be joining you as the new Talas updator! Can you let me know who among those who have posted need to be taken by me? I guess Charminions and Treecko's Awesomeness are not taken. What about others? Do you want to continue updating them or should I take some of those?
    No Shelmet I'm afraid. Gonna be interesting to see how having a Pinsir unfolds though, as I don't usually like Pokemon that don't evolve.
    That seems like a fair trade. :3

    Somewhat unrelated, I noticed there is a Cable Club here on SPPf, yet almost everyone posts in the UPN one. Do you know why that is?

    EDIT: Posted the trade in the UPN CC~
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