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  • Indeed. It says something when the person who defeats Ash in the Kalos League is not someone like Ritchie (a more mature and competent version of OS Ash), Harrison and Tyson (older, experienced trainers that represents the room Ash needs to grow), Tobias (who is only there last minute to keep Ash from winning in a short), or even Cameron (who I have to admit feels like a result of rushed writing due to derailed plans). Alain is well developed as a character, but his character and persona is not what I would call a representation of room Ash still needs to grow as a trainer. In fact, it feels like Ash is the trainer that represents the room that Alain needs to grow. Which is why, no matter what the outcome of the finals was, the threshold has been broken. Ash has already won in spirit and became a Pokémon master in my opinion. Everything else is technical.

    What I'm concerned about is the worth of the trophy and title. Should Alain keep it in spite of his association with Team Flare, then the title of champion becomes meaningless from now on.
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