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  • I'm exactly the same way with OoT, although I'm great with the rest except Majora. I have no clue what possesed Nintendo to make a time based Zelda game. But now I have every Skultula and all but 3 heart containers on the first quest. Saving Masters Quest for vacation
    I really can't wait for Graces. I got so excited when I read about the Wii version, then it never came out. But Graces F soon eee
    I really need to get back to those games, I'm like so close to beating them, but there's so many side quests to do. *shot*
    OMG Flynn~

    I find it kinda funny actually - I named my shiny Buizel Cecil after Guy Cecil in Tales of the Abyss.
    Good luck! I have 4 exam days then summer vacation. The iPod was a sort of birthday present, as I bought it with birthday money. I actually really like it.
    It's going great! How bout with you? I tried watching your update but my iPod was taking forever to load so I gave up.
    OMG!!!!!!!! I love your YouTube Videos! I find it funny how you hunt in class for shinies. I don't know you~Hi :D
    1)Ah, okay. I tried iTunes and couldn't find it. Oh well. I've never used Playasia, and likely won't til Gen. 6 since I only own 3 DSs so it'd be a waste for me to buy "Grey."
    2)I understand totally. Haven't been hunting a lot. Studying. Good luck with finals! Any hints as to what the 100th is about? Or is that one a secret?
    Hey, I have 2 questions. Sorry about leaving so many VMs.
    1)Where did you get the B/W soundtrack I heard about in 1 of your vids?
    2)WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO UPLOAD AUDINO?! :p I understand you have more important things to do.
    Oh, okay. I've been hatching on Driftveil Drawbridge in hopes of finding a Ducklett, just cause I feel like actually doing a leg ^^
    Whoah such a fast hunt >3< Altho, mine took about 18 hours of SR more or less diligently |D but I didn,t count at the time so I assumed it was something like 1500 or 2000?? or less I dunno
    Shiny Drifloon is an awesome shiny ;v; I really need to transfert it tho and try to EV train, but I've never EV trained anything ever yet O.O and I'm scared of evolving it for now, I want another one xD
    Congraatz on the Shiny Audino >3<
    Ooh I did not know that Drfloon was your first succefull SR'd shiny ;v; it was mine too OTL;;; //sorandom
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