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Jolteon Jordan
Last Activity:
Jun 18, 2013
May 14, 2006
Likes Received:
Exploring the region of Johto
10th Grade Student Student; Writer of Pokemon Diam

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Jolteon Jordan

As Fast As a Star..., from Exploring the region of Johto

Jolteon Jordan was last seen:
Jun 18, 2013
    1. ShinyDoug
      TONS of congrats on Snivy!
    2. Zabi
      I'm sure you will!
      Good luck~
    3. Zabi
      Made it just in time!
      Congrats on Mienfoo!!
    4. ShinyDoug
      Yup! He will be great on your team!
    5. ShinyDoug
      Congrats on Mienfoo! I'll look great as a Mienshao! And you're right: Real ninjas are blue!
    6. Zabi
      *hugs my shiny Zoroark* :3
    7. Zabi
      Not a problem!!
    8. Zabi
      I believe you voted in the club as well, yes? :3
      If so, I already have it tallied down but thank you for informing me through VMs to!
    9. G-Money
      Three shinys in two days!? That's awesome! You must've been pumped after that! Most people don't get three shinys in a year, "lol."
    10. Ferfie

      mucho congrats on your Entei, that is just awesome!
    11. ShinyDoug
      Wow, Congrats!
    12. LoneStarAkira
      Aww, that really sucks about the uncatchable Pooch. :C I've only ever found one of those (and funny enough, it was while SRing for Mudkip too!)

      Let's hope the Random Number God welcomes you with a shiny Mudkip soon instead. D:
    13. Redostrike
      Hey thanks you took my advice, if you've seen my cascoon video you prolly can tell that the filming quality of the nikon is great :) I'm very pleased, a little tip for you, you should set on the macro while filming an put it right. It's a pain to get in to focus right away but i've been practicing it a bit and i'm able to get it right in 2-3 tries now :).

      Good luck on your hunts and have fun with the camera :)
    14. suicune lover
      suicune lover
      Hey, congrats on the shiny Lugia!
    15. Redostrike
      I've also been looking for a camera and i'm going to buy a nikon coolpix s3000 it's quite a good camera also for normal use. You can record about 20 minutes (wich is fair enough cause youtube only lets you have 10 minutes of vids so) it's a nice quality as i've seen on most websites. I prolly have more info when i buy it this weekend. (prolly friday).
    16. Shephard922
      The camera I use works quite well, it's a Samsung SL201. They're about $130 on ebay. It's a 10.2 megapixel camera, which is quite good. Just my suggestion.
    17. junpearl63
      Oh no, it's nothing to apoligy ^^' It's just me and my obsessesion...

      Nice to meet you btw ^^
    18. junpearl63
      I want credit for the banner you used in your sig please.
    19. Riyu*
      Ah yeah, Geoff told me about the problem with your internet. Offering help at 2 am wtf? That's just ridiculous. I hope the problem gets fixed soon, at a normal hour too D:

      I just got my HG, and it's really fun! I only just reached Olivine though. But I guess I still have plenty of time, so I'll just take it easy~

      Are you seriously resetting for a shiny Suicune? :o They're amazing, I love Suicune~ I already have a shiny one though, and I'm not such a great soft resetter either. ( It's so boring -_-; ) Good luck on getting one though! You must be really patient xD But yeah, as Geoff told me, you'll do anything to get something you really want xD That's what I call spirit!
    20. Riyu*
      Yeah :3 Tbh I only get on the forums to talk to my friends, because most of the other people are elitist jerks. I can't post anywhere without getting my *** flamed off D: Buuut how are you Jordan? :3 We rarely get the chance to talk on chat so, I figured I'd just ask here xD
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  • About

    Exploring the region of Johto
    10th Grade Student Student; Writer of Pokemon Diam
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Just your average tomboy who loves cute things and is NOT girly.

    Pokemon, Video Games, etc.


    Most Recent Shiny:
    Aron (499 Eggs) ;304;​
    Current Shiny Targets:
    Riolu (300 Eggs) ;447;​

    Michael/Ryuuto of Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness is my bishie for I am the #1 Michael/Ryuuto fangirl! <3