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  • Well I have noticed they are the same symbols so I know I am hitting the exact same thread every time. *Sigh* Alright I guess it's back to searching for seeds.
    Oh okay.

    I would use the characteristics if the game wasn't in Japanese :/ Oh okay I will look into that as well.

    Yeah it is :O I thought I had saved during summer, but the website gave me false information, but it was too late to notice. It said Summer months were 1, 5, 9 But I was dumb enough not to check.
    Hey man. How's it going. I have a question about Roamer RNGing in 5th Gen. Pretty easy, but I can't find what frame I am on for the life of me. :/ I watched your video and noticed that 10 chatot flips = 1 PID advancement so I do that.

    Right my starting nature is Lonely, then it goes Impish, Impish, _____(haven't checked), and Quirky. I am in Spring time so I know that only makes thing worse for me. but I get these exact natures every single time besides when my timer0 is messing with me.

    Do you know anything that could help me out? I have searched through 4000 PID frames with nothing matching between these natures. Heres the seed if you want to check it out C18AA384942E95D5. I really stuck :/ Thanks for even acknowledging this VM.
    Hey, would you be willing to do some RNGing for me? I am back to Pokemon after a long time and I want to make a good team now.
    If you're the same Jolteon as the one on YouTube with the RNG videos, thanks very much for the help, I'm new to RNG, and those videos are extremely helpful.
    Can you RNG me this please if u can?:

    Pokemon: Mareep
    Nickname: Fleece
    Nature: bold
    Shiny: yes
    Hidden Power: HP water 70(pefered) or HP ice 70
    IVs: 31/x/31/31/31/31/

    can offer anything in my shop! I need this for my main team badly....
    Ah no problem!:D

    Oh yeah same here, but figure he's worth something. And okay so calls? Sorry I am still very new to 4th gen. That's when you call elm iirc. But then I need to get Pokerus. I guess I try to get that first. Then do you know if the Kimono girls ceremony advances the RNG? and does walking advance like 5th Gen?

    Okay I will start searching then.

    Thanks for the info Jolteon:)
    Hey Jolteon! Couple q's about 4th and 5th Gen RNGing.
    First off I am very close to Lugia in SS. SO is there a certain place I need to be before RNGing him and certain pokes with me? Like do I need to see the Kimono(?) Girls dance or be right in front of Lugia.

    Now in 5th Gen. I wanna RNG the Halloween Banette. What are good frames to look for? It is like 4th Gen RNGing for the entralink forest right?

    Thanks much in advance!
    Hey, how's it going? I'm going to PM you something very soon, like right now, it might seem pointless, but whatever.
    Hey how is it going Jolteon? Quick question. How do you RNG the roamers like the Dogs and Latios? Because playing through the game I accidentally ran into Raikou.:/ So was I supposed to hit the RNG before encountering the 3 dogs or just before I enter my first battle with them?
    Take your time, friend.

    Yeah, I've heard. Not to mention that XD is unfortunately shiny-locked as well (apparently not fully the case for Colosseum, though). Kaphotics has already finished that very Zapdos and XD Lugia with quint flawless (31/x/31/31/31/31) IVs. D: Those two in particular were major wants of mine, so you can bet I'll take a look into it once I'm done with B/W.

    Best part is, I have a softmodded Wii, so the potential is there for transfer purposes.
    Not surprising, everyone's busy with school.

    Not necessarily about trading (as I don't really do that, ironically enough) - more like simply RNGing for a massive collection of stuff which would likely break necks at first (gen 3 and XD, namely) but will pave the way for everything else to be completed and stored somewhere for quick reference. That being said, anything that you've done would be a help.

    That's basically what I've been doing the past couple of days, but I've only shifted focus to Unovamons until I'm finished to move onto everything else.

    Unrelated, but with XD's RNG finally cracked--yet only practical on an emulator, what are your thoughts about the breakthrough?

    I have plenty of free time lately, so I feel a partnership of sorts may be an order, if you catch my drift.

    The end result I'm hoping would be a near-complete collection of everything RNG'd.
    Are you busy by any chance?

    I may have an offer of sorts for you, unusually positioned Hitmontop.
    Oh yeah. Do you know the website where you could store your pokemon and the SID would show up? I had it but now since I have a new comp, I need to get my SID again because I forgot.
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