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  • Hello,
    I can help with shield exclusives
    Looking for help trading and evolving back and forth some pokes

    If you have pokemon with trade items or their evolved forms thatd be cool too
    Hey, sorry for neglecting you >.< Is there any particular time you'll be online so I can give you the Gastly and Gligar?
    Thanks for claiming some Pokemon! They're ready to be traded, so once you get on XY we can take care of that real quick.
    Unfortunately I won't be online Sunday, so we'll have to do this either today or on Monday. I hope that's not too much of an inconvenience.
    I think it's just her, as that was the very first adventure I started. I didn't have any other Pokemon with me at the time... I'm willing to keep it that way.
    Got any plans to take on my Astoria adventure? I'd like to RP Sera's evolution into Kirlia even though she's been one for about a year, and it would've been more practical to RP it somewhere else, but hey, I'm not that way, you know? =P
    Seriously, "Because it's a tree, it grows!" was my logical conclusion. It's not your fault for what I believe was a very well-written riddle, it's my fault for being an idiot. :p I find it hilarious in hindsight, though.
    I'll do more research too, as I might just have the wrong 'mon. *Flips through Pokedex entries* Scratch that, I actually had the wrong Pokemon! ^^; It's so obvious now, haha.
    In regards to my recent Astoria update, I believe I know the answer of the riddle, but the Pokemon in question also has an evolved form which I believe is also applicable. Are you looking for a specific form? Or are both the basic and/or evolved state acceptable?
    Hey JJ, I just have a question concerning your first question, in my latest update you gave me in Astoria ^^; For reference:

    "1. If it were possible to use one now, which Pokémon would be an easy catch, using a Moon Ball?"

    I'm wondering if you mean any kind of Pokémon that would be easy to catch with the Moon Ball, or only Pokémon Okiku encountered on that update?

    Just don't want to get the answer wrong because I misinterpreted your question :p ^^;
    OOC: If I were more consistent with my updates this would have happened before Halloween, so it’s not an issue. But please do try to think of a way to introduce him recolored. Let me know if you need help, and I’ll see what I can do with the story. An idea just popped in my mind about how it could happen.
    You mean you have an idea of how my Pachirisu gets colored orange while in Astoria? If so, then I guess you can go for it. I didn't really know how I was gonna role play/explain the Halloween event thing myself.
    Just want to point out we missed an update because you still haven't posted in Astoria, and this will be our last chance until... Whenever Thanksgiving is.
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