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  • Not at the moment. I trying to get thru this game. How is it going for you? Have you beat it yet? How do you feel about the dream world?
    yesh exept your name has no n but we shalll trick or enimys with the power of deceptoin ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    Hello, I´m passing around this message: LegitBreeder, a fellow SPPf user has A LOT of male, japanese Zorua remaining from a shinny hunt (they are nnot shinny) and is wanting to get rid of them (yes he gives them away!). If you´re interested or know someone who might be, contact him (because he´s planning to release the ones he can´t get rid of in two months)
    *No, this is not spam and yes I´ve checked the legitimacy of my received Zorua
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