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  • Well i got around to battle against all of them but I lose I have to restart it making a new team
    SE is doing a league, and i know you play wifi mainly so is there any tiers you would like to play as a league member?
    Thanks :) I honestly dont know why it isnt used as much, its stats are decent enough and Magician is actually a decent ability. Better than Blaze at least; and if it can KO/survive that first turn with Magician it can play havoc with Switcheroo or just go for the sweep depending on the item.

    If the Fire Gem was around, and Magician activated after that was used (like Flying Gem/Acrobatics) then it would probably see a bit more use
    Lol, lucked out? I got KOed :L I couldnt think of a good item for heracross, obviously mega was ampharos (cos ampharos has incredible bulk and offensive power, it really is insane) and life orb was Tauros so just gave it a muscle band. Better than nothing
    All part of the game though, was hoping to whirlwind out the shell smash first turn though, you didnt go for it! and then the spikes were the death of me, well played
    And lol, its my timezone thats the awkward one! Youre about the same as most people here because most people are from the US. Yeah Im going camping so chances are I wont get a chance... if I have reception I could try to connect my 3DS to the internet via my phone, but I wouldnt trust that at all.
    Was hoping you would come online today, only have another 20 minutes left online.

    If not, then tomorrow is the last chance until Saturday which would be quite annoying
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