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Jonah the Slaking
Last Activity:
Jul 29, 2015
Jun 4, 2011
Likes Received:
April 15
The Astral Plane

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Jonah the Slaking

Couch-bound Warrior, from The Astral Plane

Jonah the Slaking was last seen:
Jul 29, 2015
    1. BLUES.
      miss ya fren
    2. Sparkbeat
      I love you <3
    3. Jazz14456_Plebeian
      The server had an unexpected downtime yesterday, sorry :/
      I literally just found out a few minutes ago.

      Also, the downtime was because I accidently shut it off and didn't realize it was down XD
    4. Jazz14456_Plebeian
      Most custom PVP gamemodes you cannot build in, and as such are very different to how survival Minecraft is usually played. Its almost a whole new game for each gamemode.
      Believe me, everyone who is great at PVP absolutely botched when they started Minecraft (like me lol), not even able to move around very well or look in one direction. I don't know about other people, but when I started playing hunger games I lost a lot at the beginning. I literally had a 0.045 Kill/Death Ratio. I played a lot and got better though, and on that same server I now average a 3.36, and deaths by natural causes (hunger, mobs, etc) count torwards that.
    5. Jazz14456_Plebeian
      Basically, everyone starts off with nothing.
      In the center of the map there usually is a whole bunch of chests with goodies.
      You generally can't break blocks (you won't be able to in this one).
      Chests and traps and building are scattered throughout the map, and from the very beginning PVP is allowed.
      Once you die, your dead. No respawning for in a classic Hunger Games gamemode.
      Any teams, etc are allowed, but there can only be one winner.
      In the gamemodes truer to the novels, only 24 players per game, but this one will most likely be 16 players because my computer can't handle much more then that.

      These are competitive games by themself, many extremely enjoyable.
      You really should try a few PVP servers. Here are some of the better ones:

      My Personal Rating, 1-10
      4 mcsmash.com (MCPVP's version of Super Smash Bros, really fun, but I like Shot Bow's better. Round based.)
      8 mc-sabotage.com (MCPVP, like Mafia where a large, uninformed majority who doesn't know who is enemy and who is ally tries to figure out who is the informed minority is and kill them. Round based.)
      7 mc-hg.com (MCPVP's Hunger Games, not very classic. This Hunger Games spawns on a untouched world unlike normal and has almost no chests. Almost 200 players per round! Last player standing wins. Round based.)
      5 mcpvp.com (MCPVP's Standard PVP server. Any destruction of building allowed.)
      7 kit.an00b.com (Kit PVP server, you get a packet of items to start with whenever you die called a Kit, and you can use ingame money from killing people to buy new kit. Play on built map, and no breaking of blocks.)
      7 s1.mc-infected.net (Super Gaming's mc infected server. A few people start as zombies, and respawn whenever killed. When a human is killed they are turned into a zombie. Zombies win by infecting all humans, humans win by surviving for six minutes. Round based.)
      These are just a few servers I really really like, and believe me, you can get a lot of playtime of them! :D
    6. Jazz14456_Plebeian
      I'd love to help with anything you don't understand donation-wise!
      Going to start advertising at my school and online most likely on Tuesday. Hopefully we get lots of people!
    7. Jazz14456_Plebeian
      All your Rank 5 stuff is working, right?
      BTW, /res tp Black_Market
      now you can go to the wood level, which is way cheaper then dirt or bedrock.
      There is an event on June 15th (the first saturday of summer, at least for my school).
      Prizes are big, and it will be loads of fun, so it would be sweet if you came! :D
    8. Jazz14456_Plebeian
      Your roof is hollow.
      LIKE A BOSS!
      (The percentage of your roofs volume to the percentage that is hollow is your Bossness score.)

      I left the flowers of course.
    9. Jazz14456_Plebeian
      After five long hours of trying to figure out how to paste just your house back in from an old backup, I have finally restored your house. :D
      I'd like to clean up your yard a bit, if you don't mind. I'm going to fix up your house and stuff for you, once I'm done with this message.
      I spoke with who did this, but they will remain anonymous. They intended no offense, in fact don't even know you, and blew it up only because they wanted your stuff. They thought you were another inactive home.
      I fixed your Residence so this can't happen again (all of your Residences, for that matter).
      Also, I had to take an old backup of the server and take the two Bukkit storage chunks (I believe 8 chunks by 8 chunks, so 128 by 128) that surround your house, and place them extremely far from anywhere. So now there is a full copy of spawn and the houses surrounding it that is not protected by Residence! XD I left it there.

      Sorry about all this!
    10. Jazz14456_Plebeian
      I'll undo the damage.
      You still are welcome on the server, and I am deeply sorry for any offense.
      Whether you decide to play on my server or not again, I hope we can still be friends.
    11. Jazz14456_Plebeian
      Also, as a prank I put a mustache on PheasantKing's statue.
      He thought it was pretty funny. (He took it down though)
    12. Jazz14456_Plebeian
      Lol, free Rank 5 though. Rock on for you.
      Colors are fun, so are more Residences and stuff. :)
      When do you want me to give you the sponge?
    13. Jazz14456_Plebeian
      Someone came up to me today at school (no idea who it was) and gave me five dollars, telling me it was Rank 5 for Kaji.
      I gave you all the things you need (plus Trusted!) except for the one sponge.
      I'm guessing you had a deal arranged?
    14. Jazz14456_Plebeian
      Responsibility fire.
      Do you have a Youtube account? You don't need a channel, just an account.
      I have a video I want you to see, but that I'm not ready to release yet.
    15. Squiddly Dee
      Squiddly Dee
      Will you be ashamed of me if I admit that I didn't find it terribly cute? :x
    16. Squiddly Dee
      Squiddly Dee
      I can't watch it right now, unfortunately. I'm sure it's adorbs, though. :3

    17. Jazz14456_Plebeian
      What does your name in Minecraft mean?
    18. Squiddly Dee
      Squiddly Dee
      Ah, I'm sorry about that. Yeah, I'd rather not go into my multitude of problems, either. I understand. I'm always here to talk if you need it.
    19. Jazz14456_Plebeian
      A musical, thats really popular.
      You didn't hear this from me, but the movie is better then any of the versions. It was released a few months ago.

      I tried Minecraft Papercraft Studios for iOS devices the other day. It was kind of interesting, I made a few mobs and some blocks. Not my thing, but still neat.
    20. Squiddly Dee
      Squiddly Dee
      So, about that post... Is school keepin you busy? Because you wouldn't be the only one. -_-
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  • About

    April 15
    The Astral Plane
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Once, there was a boy.

    This boy was lost and alone, unable to figure out puzzles and Pokemon locations in his games. So he came to Serebii.net.

    Over time, he learned. He grew stronger. He watched let's plays, did a lot of research, and learned all he could. And when he saw himself ready, he joined Serebii Forums, in the hope of making himself stronger still through the power of Internet social activity.

    This is that boy.

    A boy named Jonah.


    Oh hey, I have a Nuzlocke story.​
    [​IMG] I hath claimed the ULTIMATE TROLL! [​IMG]
    When an unknown infection spreads throughout Hoenn, it's up to three elite Trainers to defeat its source: Deoxys.​
    Currently up to Chapter 2 of the sequel.​
    Credit to Atari!​