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  • Hmm.. I never watch the simpsons before, I'm currently focus in Pokemon Platinum, I love this because I can choose Infernape as my starter. I trained him to almost level 100 with ThunderPunch, Earthquake, Close Combat and Flare Blitz, sweep Elite Four and Cynthia single-handedly.

    There are still some experts can sweep through E4 & Champion using only Ratatta/Magikarp, which I will never become as strong as them XD
    That sounds fun! :3

    Yeah, gen 6 has an awesome anime :D I got a new crush that i love more than i loved riku due to it XD That means something to me.

    I'm watching the simpsons XD
    I'm only focus on several pokemon games like Crystal, Emerald, LeafGreen, Diamond, Platinum and Black&White, and always try to catch as many pokemon I can, every pokemon has different ability, hidden ability and moveset, I can also do some "experiment" to them, this is why all of my games last so long. Same does all the berries & items.

    Currently I've not yet start to play Gen 6 or 7 games, but what I really love about gen 6 is the anime.
    I guess you don't play the games then? o.o

    Yeah she should appear in alola in a swim suit

    Yup, I will search all of the gym leaders information when I knew Ash will battle them.
    I think they should let this character appear again because I hope to see an episode of Infernape vs Lucario.
    Hi! I'm glad you answered back (and that my fangirlness over her didn't scare you away)

    She's the cutest! Tehe! :3 I look at images of her a lot XD
    Yes! Best mega!

    Of course she is (and the smexiest) :3

    Her arc is AMAZING and i've watched it over and over again.

    Also, if you have a crush on her at all, i won't let you steal her from me >( *sharpen's my dragon claws*
    Hi new friend :3

    Your avatar is cool! Fighting types are great! My favorite gym leader uses them :3
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