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  • I see you came on this year! Too bad I missed it. Let me tell you how my life has been.

    I graduated with my master's degree in English. I'm working in education now as an instructor in a university, and I'm going back to school to pursue a law a degree because a friend has offered me a job as a lawyer if I obtain a law degree. So I guess I'm going to be a lawyer in a few years.
    But we've got 2 puppies now. We were only going to get 1, but the owners said they liked us so much and they couldn't find anyone suitable for the last puppy, so said we could have it for free. They're so lively and constantly biting and chewing everything, I forgot what they were like when they were young.
    Yeah, that was during lockdown. She was a very big lady, so we all concluded she probably needed 48 rolls for the week.
    My mind is already gone lol
    I'm studying to be a History professor (or teacher), so I think it's necessary that I know this stuff. I like American history more than world history, but I have to know some of the general happenings about the rest of the world.

    Okay, so I searched it up. Italian immigration did increase during WWI, but it started much earlier. Italy was pretty crap from its unification and people came here when America was still in its revolution. I got the Irish reasons right with their bad treatment in the 19th century. ^_^ Coincidentally, German immigration increased at that time too. When you think about it, England was pretty strong from the time America established itself. It was one of the five powers in Europe during the Napoleonic era, and they went through their industrialization as well at the time. They were pretty stable by the time they started their imperial run for that century before WWI. I think you know the rest since you're English so I'll shut up now. -_O
    What a simple answer. I didn't expect you to come on for a few more months.

    Well, America received a large influx of Irish and Italian immigrants in its history. The potato famine back in the 1800's brought a lot of Irish over tired of the English ignoring them and not doing anything to help them. I forgot why the Italians came, but I think it was in the 10's and 20's so maybe something about WWI or their government. Most Europeans in America today are actually from German descent if I remember correctly. English immigration happened primarily before the Industrial Revolution in England which is why not as many are here relative to other nationalities. By the time the Irish and Italians came in, most European countries were pretty much industrialized meaning that they had larger populations. Much more than 17th and 18th century England.

    At least that's what I figure. I could search it up, but I think that's correct.

    I'd never forget about your birthday. You're my best internet friend ever so it'd be awful if I couldn't even remember your birthday. I promise that I'll never forget your birthday. Even after all of these years, I still think of you as my best friend on the internet and I'm 100% positive you'd be one of my best friends irl.

    No need to apologize! You're busy and I understand that. I just hope you're happy and doing the best you can with whatever you're doing.

    I'll always love you, Jorah!

    O~ldie! I hope you've had a great birthday. Don't give up on whatever you want to do ever. If you do, I'll have to kick your ***. xp

    Really though, have a great time in whatever you choose to do. Be happy and always get everything in writing! You're, like, 24 now, right? I hope you're doing a bunch of fun things in Ingland. See ya when I see ya.
    Hey, JorJor. I hope you're doing well in college/university. I have confidence that you won't give up until yopu graduate so keep on going until you're finally through with that and you can go on and do fun stuff in the real world. gogogogogogogo!~
    Jorah , Jorah! http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=301551


    What has become of that place? Who is that mod? That isn't you. Why haven't you been taking care of it? It's like a corpse; look at all of those bad idea threads. What has been going on there since I've been banned? I make more posts in the PA section here in an hour than that section gets in an entire day by the looks of it.
    Breaking hearts and promises.

    pew, pew, coolies. Have you finally had sex yet?

    Congrats, congrats. They were probably rude because they had money on you failing.

    I have a turtle. My turtle is freedom-loving American. It always gets out of its tank and roams around looking for **** to do like not eating and attempting suicide by falling form high places. I might get it a gun for our first week anniversary but I don't know what kind to get it. My turtle is what everyone wishes to be let's be honest.

    "Uhhh, I don't have one." 8D

    That sounds terrible. How did you get to school? Wifi enabled buses what what.
    What else goes into your diary?

    It seems I don' have anything to worry about for a while. Goodies. Don't fry your brain though.~ I can't drive and don't plan to learn. Y'know, since the public transportation here is really good and would be cheaper than maintaining a car.
    Sometime in May~~~

    Oh god I bet you're going to kill someone. Please don't kill someone I don't want you to go to jail. good luck though \\\\O////

    Yes I'm old now. I'm just like you my Jorah </3
    current username: Vern
    new username: Vernikova
    this is your gift for remembering me.
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