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  • because your Event Trading Thread:
    Hello,how many codes do you have?
    I have many old Event Which you do not yet have.

    (I dont send you a PM because your Inbox is full)
    oh? ok could u clone my eppie mew and then give me back mine for the milank?

    m fc is in my sig.
    Ah ok understandable.

    I would but I traded the clone to someone else. Can you clone?
    Finally ur online xD had been waiting for ur reply.. but I already got the meowth from someone else. Sorry.

    I can do Janta's Golurk (not UT) for English Whitney's miltank.
    Other than the Meowth, I'm also interested in your VGC12 Shiny Larvitar ID 03032 Untouched.

    I have the following to offer:

    Hello, I'm interested in your Japanese Team Rocket Meowth ID 12072 Untouched, but I don't have the one youre looking for. I can only offer one of these:

    reply if interested
    letting you know any gts psyduck from gen 4 in circulations are hacks. only 30 of each ot were released so chances of anyone with legal ones are so extremely slim
    Yea i just realized if you are in Spain then right now is probably suuuper late for you at night. I will try to be on a bit earlier tomorrow so hopefully we can trade :)

    Also if you still are in need of a legit Volcanion I would be happy to return the favor that way :) The one I got was from kevin and he requires redemption proof for all trades so I'm pretty sure it's legit :)
    Hey it looks like you tried to message me but my inbox was full. Sorry about that D:

    Anyway sorry my inbox fills up really fast, so annoying. Feel free to VM me if my inbox is full sorry about that, and feel free to PM me your message again as I cleared out my inbox!
    hey there sorry I was a bit late. I'm going to go make some coffee then I will be right back!
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