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  • Anybody have a Tornadus and Palkia they're willing to trade or let me borrow? I also need a Piplup and Turtwig. Message me if you're interested. I have 600 Pokemon.
    Do you need help? To change ''prof. Oak'' you need to look for threads that posts count.
    For ex: Manga or Anime discussions.(To look for threads click the banner at the top or just click again that white button that says forums)
    To change the user title click at the top right to settings after that,
    At the left you will see Edit profile. Click it and Somewhere around there will need something for you to type on. Hope i helped!
    Does anyone know how to change their status under the name from "Beginning Trainer" to something else? I've been playing the game since Pokemon Red and Blue.
    Never used action replay or anything like that. All of my Pokemon have been legitimately caught, traded, evolved or breed by me. Don't know if I ever recieved any hacked Pokemon but I don't think so, their stats, movesets, type of ball, level met, ID # and original trainer all check out, unless it was Pokesav'd then i'm not sure
    Looking for nearly all the event Pokemon, Palkia, Tornadus Turtwig and Piplup. Have over 550 Pokemon to choose from. Message me with offer.
    Dude it happens alot best way to do it is for you and your trade mate to log out from wifi then come back again. I can trade until noon today CA time.
    Having connection problems. Can't seem to trade with anyone. My router connection is ok because I can get on the internet but I can't trade with anyone even though I see the person in the room. It says "so and so wants to join you" then nothing for a long time then "lost connection" or "failed to respond. I tried rebooting my router. exiting the room, everything but nothing works. If anyone can help me i'd really apreciate it. I got almost 550 Pokemon and am dying to trade.
    I need Squirtle, Chikorita and Totodile . Doesn't matter what level. I'm willing to help you evolve by trading or give you any gen 5 starter or any resonable offer. I have over 500 Pokemon.
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