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Josef Stylin
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    He's meant to reflect the Pokemon fanbase, except you guys are dumb all the time. :^)
    You never cease to amaze me
    ah these posts are the best.

    now to skip the entire sun/moon anime and only watch the league in 4 years like I did with x and y
    [all of wanidiong's posts in the thread are masterpieces and he just keeps making more]

    [link me /vp/ im lazy]
    turns out it was just that one post that was raging. the rest of them are being somewhat normal about the whole thing


    this sppf post however is fantastic

    do u know how long we waited that for wining?
    20 years!!
    20 years u know!!
    its as same as my age, while i started loves pokemon when i was 9 years old

    i really hate the storyline
    I'd made more bad*** if I were the storyline

    **** that

    i really hate ash now!!

    hope serena come to alola with him (but i never expect anymore. I know well now how game freak's pattern to made this anime . girl kept on region and ash start from zero again . TYPICAL!!)
    there is still going to be hell on the forums today. oh look it's happening on bulbagarden too:

    Fuc* you loser! Fuc* you writers! Never ever again I will watch the pokemon anime
    that's pretty much all there is to him

    but i think the loss was very likely since they rushed the league and i doubt the writing staff would have rushed it so much if ash was to win. the league would have been considered more important than it was here
    was the episode good at least, or do you think the inevitable meltdowns will be more entertaining
    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Start calling those suicide hotlines, people. It was never going to happen and deep down you knew it.
    Ayy classic Bullkid.

    Wtf is with that thread though it looks like a chat group now
    Bullkid, eh? Smells nice, isn't it?
    so many people put on fake smiles just to get through the day so they don't have to face people telling them to stop looking for attention. so everyone why don't you stfu about what alexa is posting and let her do what tf she wants cuz I'm getting seriously fed up

    BritishLanguage harnessed the power of the Water Balloon badge and hit you with a water balloon! As compensation, you were rewarded with a "Splashed" badge.

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