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  • My team's like halfway done but since I have sooo much hw I won't be able to battle till friday... That gives you time to prepare tho
    Hey when we battle next time I want it to be against my genuine uber team, but it's not done yet. It's the only team I can think of that you don't know all the movesets for. I'll let you know when I finish effort training them all.
    Arite then mayne. GGs. We gotta do doubles next time though cause my singles teams all have a legendary (not uber) pokemon on them. The team I used was a double battle team anyway. Later
    Still there? I'ma set up my recorder- singles no ubers again. I'd take out the legendary but I use both my teams competitively and I can't really shake them up...
    TY, yeah I watched all urs; they're dope. Hopefully we can get some connections on youtube so we can get more views as well. Oh and you didn't know what you were up against versus Celeballin though. She's he77a good at singles. Oh and I'll upload our battle tonight. I was editing others
    sry, my little brother's playing Sonic Unleashed so I cant use the Wii. I'll hit you back in an hour though ok?
    np about the last match
    thats a great idea using the ds! We can get into a battle on DP at 3 and not actually battle on there, just talk so we can tell each other if there's an error message on PBR. I can only use my DS online for a little while though because my brother always has the router on a different setting than the DS can use. So I can only change it temporarlily.
    Woah lol, I meant I had 1 legendary pokemon, not an uber team XD That's okay though mayne. I'll battle you again tomorrow.
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