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  • lol we finally got our match in! GG man. Marowak was killin.
    Want to do one more? I have 1 legendary in my team though
    >.< I hate nintendo's servers... I think we should try later at night when there's less people on. Are you still up at 9:30 eastern? I know it's kinda late, but the minimum ppl will be on wi-fi then.
    I kept getting server is busy on serebii so I couldn't message you back...

    The problem with wifi is actually at nintendo's end. When you get back on we can try it again though.
    you should put a link to your video in the PBR Video thread. I know your page is in your signature, but the more exposure the better.
    Nintendo's wi=fi is having problems right now... I can barely stay connected. Me and pokeluver had the same problem. Their server's are overloaded with the post-christmas ppl all flooding wi-fi. I'll check it back in a few hours to see if it works. If it does, I'll VM you
    u know what is the sucky part? this morning , @ 10: O8 my PBR disc broke in half when the wii wouldnt eject it so i forcefully pulled it out and a side of just split apart!i need to get another one. TT__TU
    sup josh I'm online now. I just woke up cuz it took all night to figure out how to use my video editor lol. How'd u like the music? If you want to battle I can fight you now. I saw your request for singles so I can do that if you want?
    Damn that was crazy! I give you the win in my book though- you had me beat before the hax gods showed mercy on me lol. Great match. One more before I g2g
    yeah, nintendo's wifi's been acting up a little today, but let's see if it works. i'll be online in a minute
    lol that's always nice ^^ Well for me, I really wanted to watch the NBA games on, but my grandmother insisted I go to her house and they only have one tv so I couldn't watch em. It wasn't a complete waste, because my older cousin agreed she would twist my hair for me next time I go over. Score!
    I got the Pinnacle video transfer. I don't have enough money for an editor at the moment so I'll be able to record battles, but I won't be uploading them till like after new years. I want to add music and what not to my stuff when I upload
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