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  • aye, I might have to battle you the day after Christmas cause my parents want me to go see my grandmother. Huh..... So yea. Sorry about that man.
    sweet, man! I'm just effort training my last 2 pokes then all I have to do is level em up. I should get my Pinnacle Transfer Device on Christmas so we can both record the battle and everyone can see the two different perspectives
    Is there any way to battle each other on PBR without wifi? If so wait for a bit. Cant access wii at the moment.
    hey, my bro keeps bugging me so this'll have to be our only battle. srry bout that but hope you enjoy watchin the movie. and tough luck in the tourney man but i kno ur good. talk to ya later though man.
    k I'm back. I'll be online in a few man. I have 3 singles teams; I don't know if you have that many but if you do that's cool.
    Then late game, choice band Staraptor and Specs Gardevoir can pull out the broom on their lesser powered opponents- lol bad joke. But you get what I mean...
    Hey, good matches man- I'll fight you once I get back if you're still up. If you want, we can get in some single battles too.

    You keep getting close each time! When we fight on Christmas hopefully you'll be even better. Your teams are good, but some times your strategies (like trick room) backfire. That can't always be helped, but maybe instead of relying as much on global effects and explosion you might want to make a team that focuses on one or two particular pokemon. Like, that's just how I battle; I can't tell any one else how to fight or anything... But if you look at my teams I pretty much always use the same opener each time I battle and their job is to set up my power house pokemon to eliminate my opponent's whole team.

    Example is the Weavile/Mismagius opener made to Taunt against trick room/weather/ and StealthRock and have Weavile take care of dragon openers and soften up my oppenents powerhouse.
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