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  • Hey Joshp123, if you want to check to see whether or not that Magmortar/Tropius splice and the Ditto Pokemon are stolen or not, I suggest that you create a PFU account and 'spy around'
    Yeh, I signed up. There I'm just known as "Josh"
    No fancy letters, numbers or anything.:p
    Just plain ol' "Josh"
    Wow, you even LOOK at the rating, forget that because anyone can just look at the thread name at rate it, just listen to people's comments! I've never rated a thread using the star rating thing, I don't think. I wouldn't worry about it at all If I were you, and you can't please everybody, so just do what you can to please as many as possible.

    He who tries to please everbody pleases nobody.

    I don't think you should start with the ones you really like personally, until you're better, otherwise, you might not like how hey turn out and forget them. Start with other, simple ideas, like your own version of caterpie/weedle/wurmple or something. Hope you do it, I look forward to seeing, if you do, I think you should start a new thread as well,
    Just to help it get going the first few days or so.

    Hey, don't worry about, my threads always die as well. I haven't been on serebii much lately, so yeah. It's seems all sprite threads die if you're not either really good or really bad, but that's of course personel opinion. You should try scratching, from nothing to make your own fakemon, and get a bit more rep, people who can make their own poke's seem to keep their threads alive...

    I do the same thing (write skeletim at the end of my posts) yeah, I get those feelingas too. Nah, you don't bother me by talking, but if you don't get a reply for a while, it's probably coz I haven't been active. I like the feraligatr/seviper fusion, sorry I didn't post in your thread - no time. Would be cool if you did the same thing but made feraligatr the base. :)

    Yeah, I always get into times where I just can't be bothered going to serebii, even when I have the time
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