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  • My sleep schedule is *WaCky* and has been since I was a wee infant. True story. >: I kind of made up for waking up between 4-5AM all week by... sleeping today away, really. Which is actually incredibly inconvenient, because I am going to need to cut sleep OUT OF MY LIFE for the rest of the week if I'm going to get this outfit made on time. s: I hate hate hate short notice!
    Well, I'm you'll do a fine job on Arcanine, plenty of rocks around for rock type spam. And I've not used that sig before so I'll be trying out new ideas etc.

    Yeah, I mean Froslass could get away with it, ghosts are always good to use. But Scizor would be idiotic ("Take the hits and 3x Fire Blast" would probably KO you :D)
    Oh I read that match, don't take it to heart it was fun to read. I can't get rid of you in that many rounds anyway, I've not got the typespam.

    Scizor can come along if it likes, I always like recreating scenes from the anime and Ash's Charizard once battles Gary's Scizor...
    Well, I predicted its use because I think Leaf Blade is pretty much your only way to typespam Quagsire without taking fire typespam in return, but Gallade are pretty awesome. I'll try not to concentrate on it too much for a few rounds, let you play with it a bit more :)

    Froslass and Scizor? Well, no promises, but I don't think Scizor would be a very good idea...
    Well, see that's why I took two fire types (plus when I get better I want ABL's GT slot so I need some fire type practice). But yeah, I guess you're right, like I say I was probably thinking I'd sent out Steelix when I wrote that haha.

    Also, I think your Gallade is going to wipe me out.
    Yeah, I wrote that with Steelix in my head. I don't know really, I guess its probably the best choice considering I brought Arcanine along, I was just expecting Electabuzz to be held back for a Charizard counter.

    Seriously, you've got an easy win coming up, I do stuff like this :D
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