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  • I'll probably order a DS later tonight so I should more than likely have it by Wednesday, giving me more than enough time to RNG your Virizion by Saturday. I can't promise anything though because you know, eBay isn't always the most reliable place.
    Alright, I'm looking into RNGing for you. If I get a used DS at Gamestop this weekend I can definitely do that for you; if not I'll probably have to order one of eBay or something, and that could take a while. Do you mind?
    Okay, let me know when you're on. And would you mind if we only do the Spiritomb-Gible trade? If you really want Kyurem then I guess we can do the Celebi-Kyurem one too, but I'm not sure. Kyurem is kind of growing on me lol. I do feel bad turning down the trade last second though, so just let me know.
    EDIT: Oh, and if you let me keep Kyurem I'll trade you a Gible with 4 flawless stats instead of 3, as an apology.
    That'd be cool but the things is, I have a 3DS so no RNGing for me as of now. I might buy a cheap used DS if I find one for $20 or so. I'll let you know in the future. And do you think you'll be okay to trade tomorrow? If not thats fine, just know that I'll be able to trade tomorrow through Sunday.
    Okay cool. I'll try to get Kyurem by then so we can do Gible and Kyurem for Spiritomb and Celebi.
    Yeah, don't bother with the Jirachi then. I really do like that Celebi though and I think I want that if you can send it to Gen 5. I'll start SRing for Kyurem now then? And hows your progress through the game going?
    Hmm, would it be extremely difficult for you to get that Colosseum Jirachi? If you get that, its a nature that I like and you can get Iron Head, Fire Punch and Ice Punch (unless of course its a nature the decreases Attack, then no 4th Gen moves necessary), then I'll SR for Kyurem. But if its a huge pain for you then no worries, I'll look through some events later and tell you all of them that I'd really want (that Celebi does sound very good btw). Thanks man.
    Honestly, I'm looking to start collecting events again since I lost all my old ones. All I require is that it has a good nature (considering what Pokemon it is) and that it is UT. I'm especially interested in Jirachi with Iron Head, Fire and Ice Punch, and Stealth Rock. Also looking for Celebi, the Latis, etc.
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