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Last Activity:
Jul 24, 2017
Apr 11, 2005
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JoshYEAH was last seen:
Jul 24, 2017
    1. Korusan
      I'd tell you but it'd waste my precious time. B|
    2. Mr. Reloaded
      Mr. Reloaded
      What's up josh how things going with ya?
    3. Grey Wind
      Grey Wind
      Oh God I had forgotten about the raid.

      After Jenny so kindly told me I was unpopular and asked me to join, I watched them for a while just to see what they would do. With Zeno getting repeatedly banned, and now jenny gone too, they're little group if falling apart. I don't think any of the "clique" is actually paying attention to them though.
    4. Grey Wind
      Grey Wind
      How did you find out about Zeno's ridiculous "plan"?

      I had assumed that Jenny only asked those deemed unpopular in Misc.
    5. ^^Yoshinichi^^
      I don't know why, but when I was younger I used to dislike you. Just going to be frank. I guess I couldn't take jokes when I was a kid. But now I think you're a pretty cool guy. Thanks for adding me to the Steam group by the way. We need to have a TF2 SPPf party already.
    6. Moneyy
      I did not spend an hour arguing. Also, you took part in the argument as well.
    7. Moneyy
      No... You don't seem to understand, sir. The people you made look like idiots were the retards who believed your sub-par attempt at trolling, not the people who DIDN'T believe any of that sh*t.
    8. Moneyy
      I did no "detective" work, other than send a VM to Cipher. The rest is common sense, and any half-brained person could figure out Cipher was lying.

      Glad you enjoyed my "detective work" though, and I also hope you had a good time making about half of misc. look like idiots.
    9. Snorunt conservationist
      Snorunt conservationist
      Yes, very true. Great find anyway.
    10. Snorunt conservationist
      Snorunt conservationist
      Is it actually him (JB)?
    11. Haruka
      That would have been a good enough reason if I was actually pathetic enough to start anything when I went in there. I was perfectly civil, regardless of my fondness of whoever I was talking to and I preferred to stick to private chats, anyway.

      But, hey. I see how it works. Prove you can get along with everyone and still get thrown out. Alrighty then.
    12. ellie
      hahahahaha omg that is so true. nh
    13. Haruka
      Josh, I was wondering if you know something about why I was banned from #spp-misc. All I did when I went there was have private conversations with my friends and those occasions when I did contribute to the main chat, it was nothing that should have been offensive. There is literally no (fair) reason for this.

      VMing this so others may see it and answer if they know.
    14. Mister_SGG
      You got demodded again?

      Damn it, you were my favourite mod.
    15. Farfan
      h1 j0sh h3r'3s my ahwz0m roflcoptr kk
    16. ellie
      haha ew helicopter sick grodyyyy
    17. ellie

    18. ellie
      no huckster
    19. TurtwigFan1
      Not been around for ages so I'm left wondering, why are you no longer a mod? (assuming you once were one and I'm not being an idiot).
    20. Kirby
      That is one huge bonr :UUU
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