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  • Ah, thanks, it's pretty interesting. Do you study linguistics or is this just, like, a hobby?
    Ah, I just did the latter, so thank you for that. I'll look over it again a little more thoroughly and see if I have any more questions, though.
    Thanks for putting up an analysis. It was about time someone put something interesting in Misc for once. n.n
    Uhhhh... okay ^_^;. I'm sure it'll make much more sense when I take the time to let it all sink in, but my brain kinda fizzles out over this. It's gonna have to take a lot of brainpower/attention to make sure I understand it. But it makes more sense than what you put on the thread, that's for sure |D.
    Well I don't mind either way, since language is something we rarely think about anyway xD, but I'm just really confused on how it determines accent/dialect and all.
    Womp womp. That's pretty bad. At least you won't have to worry about Valentine's Day.

    Except for depression because you'll be alone that day. :c
    im doing faaaantastic. falling in love with every hot guy i see. the usual stuff, you know.

    how's your love life going? any new ladies catch your eye?
    I did. I also went ahead and deleted the posts of the people who didn't read it, that way people won't follow what they're doing and continue to miss the point of the entire thread.
    That's going to be tough. Good luck to you. How are you learning to play guitar?

    On to the important stuff~
    Yay for you hooking up, unless it's the kissing type of hooking up, not the real hooking up.
    What are you majoring in? and tell me everything that has happened since you started.
    It looks like anthracite coal from where I'm sitting. I would have to pick it up in my hands. Is it heavy or light for its size? It looks shiny. What color is it? Would you describe the way it reflects light as greasy, metallic, almost-metallic (submetallic), or glassy? Does it leave marks on your fingers? Where did you find it?
    Happy belated birthday! I hate the word belated, so I'm sorry for using it. How's life been treating you?
    BW2 come out on the 6th/7th, so if you posted it perhaps in the first week or two of October, traffic would be a lot higher than normal.

    Oh, shoot, and *chuckle* about your first taste of coastal weather. I'm glad you enjoyed the trip. I've never been to California (seems too flashy and self-indulgent for my ascetic tastes); what's awesome about San Francisco?
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