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  • WOAH.

    you should've kept that drop-kicked chicken.

    it would have made thanksgiving feast a total blast.
    Man, i wish i could do slightly illegal things with my buddies........

    We got our asses beat :/

    52 to 21.


    moving on:
    got your Arceus yet?
    I have 7 total, my brothers having 2 apiece, and me having 3.

    Its hard now for some high schools to make it to the playoffs.
    Last year, my school made it, but got pounded 33-0 by a undefeated team.

    Gotten your Arceus yet?
    Well, i'm only a Freshman.
    The Varsity made it to the playoffs, but other wise....
    the freshmans season is over.

    the freshman went 8-2-0... if i recalled.....

    I thought you drew them, since there was alittle Journeyman word up on the banner.

    I seriously notice you have a liking for Red.
    Our Varsity almost made it to state this year, but they gave up the last game becasue we were getting our arses creamed by a undefeated all-jock squad.

    So you like boxing? Or wrestling, i should say?
    In fact, i have a wieght gym here at home.

    We went undefeated last year in football as 8th graders. hopefully we can do the same as freshman, though....
    only like, 15 of us are playing this year.

    .... damn Regice, get in the ball!
    I wish your mother good health.

    In the pokymanz world, got a Careful Regirock,
    a Impish Registeel,
    and SRing for a Calm Regice.
    oh, and replaying leafgreen as well.

    in the real world, i am swimmig daily, almost finished with my project, and lifting wieghts for Football season.
    his favorite pokemon is a Latias
    I'm gonna catch him off guard one day, and TAKE IT.

    anyways, what have you been doing lately?
    Some school in Texas.

    A public school, poor as heck, but some how ended up with better teachers than half the state.

    We rape the state exams every year.

    So they expect alot out of us.

    Oh crap, my mothers telling me to go to bed.

    Got Strength & Conditioning camp tomorrow.
    Hopefully i get it done.

    My school has a very high standard on Academics.

    My mom will force me to get it done, at some point surely.

    I'm taking it easy right now.
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