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  • Hey buddy! It's been a while! I'm bored enough to be back on Serebii, so I'll say hello :) Hope you're doing well man, I finished school 2 years back and am now at University (college) studying. Hows things? Hit me back if you (ever) see this!
    oh nice to her you're good, I haven't played pokemon properly now for a few months as my job is starting to get intense....Well i'm not famous on smogon LOL, I went over there to play more BW Little Cup as the player base on Serebii is non-exstaint, I found out pretty quickly I was quite good at it and started voting in suspect tests. Then I got more involved in the OU scene again and managed to get into Team UK for the Smogon World Cup then moved on to be a tutor....i'm pretty happy to retire with them to my name lol
    Hello JRC, remember me? How've you been. I haven't been on in like a year until yesterday. Explain later if you want to know.
    I waited before going further competitive, now everyone plays 5th gen, it's easier to geton the leaderboard. The Shoddy smogon server doesn't work, but TeamUber does. They have a leaderboard too, and I can reach it easily. UU.


    I am working on my last 4th gen team. I'm not sure if I am continuing competitive in 5th gen, you know my opinion of the 5th gen. I might go on, I might not. It's a goodbye team for 4th gen and maybe for me too.

    I am also not sure if I want to learn multiple metagames with new Pokémon, with most of them I hate. When 4th gen came I liked the Pokémon, now I don't (except for the final grass starter evo).

    I found a good Headbutt tree myself.

    By the way, no Farfetch'd in Viridian Forest, that is Ilex Forest. I just "headbutted" every tree and found one very quickly.

    Should I send Reno the PM again? Maybe he thinks I am spamming his mailbox. Or that I am a stalker.

    My doubts about posting or not is the foreword. I can't decide: should I post it or not?

    Thanks for the rate.

    Is there something in the RMT I shouldn't post? If yes, what?

    What's wrong with Arkeis pictures?

    Do you know a tree in the Viridian Forest (SoulSilver) which actually has Pokémon in it? I want to catch a Shroomish ingame?

    Why is it impossible that Reno ignores me? He's been online several times after my PM and still hasn't responded yet.

    Reno ignores me, so I've PMed the other mods.

    Please respond to my last PM (altough I can't force you, but I can ask you).

    The RMT will have to wait for tomorrow. if I don't get a reaction from Reno tomorrow twelve o'clock in the afternoon (Dutch time), I'll ask another mod.

    Haven't seen a lot of TTars in 10 matches, I have Swampert and I'll post when Reno responds to my PM. I asked him to moderate strictly. You know why that's nessecary.

    However, I'm afraid Reno ignores me. After my PM yesterday, he has been online two times and hasn't responded yet. I don't think he will. I hope he'll respond, but I don't expect it.

    I VMed him a few days ago and he responded. What did I do wrong this time?

    Maybe I should PM another CRMT mod.

    I'll post the RMT tomorrow. Did 10 battles and won 8 battles, so 8/10*100=80% win rate. Nice. I'll work on a RMT tomorrow, it is eleven o'clock in the evening in the Netherlands at the moment I posted this VM.

    I'll be posting my first after-the-ban-RMT today or tomorrow, I'm still working on it. I wanted to post it yesterday, but that was my birthday, so I didn't have time.

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