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Last Activity:
Aug 11, 2012
Oct 28, 2008
Likes Received:
June 23
Dominican Republic

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Hi, from Dominican Republic

JRCxyz was last seen:
Aug 11, 2012
    1. milo05
      =o Feliz casi cumpleaños =P

      Ah, y la ñ la puedes hacer con CTRL + 164 o 165 una es mayuscula, y otra es minuscula =)
    2. milo05
      Terminaste los examenes?
    3. milo05
      Q bueno =) yo tengo un Impish con 252 HP evs, tengo la mitad 8)
    4. groovitational snubbul
      groovitational snubbul
      soo are you still active?

      or have you drifted into retirement like Rhys?
    5. Witch of 'Cos
      Witch of 'Cos
      Yo. Do you want to join a tourney that I'm organising?

      To get your team, you have to pick a RMT as the team that you use for that round. The RMT would have to be recent (AKA first 1-3 pages).

      There will be 16 people in this tournament. In the first two rounds, you will pick a RMT thread, PM me the link, and this will be your team for the first two rounds. Although if you like you can use a different ream for the second one.

      If you make it to the Semis and finals, you will chose a RMT of the person that you go up against in the match. If your opponent hasn't posted any RMT's you are able to use one of your previous ones from earlier on.

      So that's the details. I would be honoured of you join it.
    6. milo05
      Lol, se me olvido, defensivo =)
    7. milo05
      Ev spread for a snover, nature and moves, i'm starting to make an hail team, and abomasnow is perfect for that =)
    8. milo05
      Lol, OK =)
    9. milo05
      Bueno, yo toy en Moca (Cibao) un pueblecito pequeño :P

      Y si, es rarisimo encontrar uno de aqui =(
    10. milo05
      Dominican Republic eh, is that true? if so, you are the only people i've seen from there ( appart of me xD)

      And thanks for the Dusknoir Ev Spred and nature :)
    11. Rhys29
      meh a little. Posted a new team blah blah blah.
    12. Awesome A
      Awesome A
      I am an AR hacker, and I'm pretty good at it too =]

      What do you want? Perfect IV's, max happiness, moves/EV's etc...

      I can do anything, and I'm pretty good at making it legit. However, be sure that your friend nicknames the Jolteon, so that the trash bytes are corrected.

      I'm not sure exactly when I'll be able to do it, but it's pretty fast so it shouldn't be that hard to find time for.
    13. groovitational snubbul
      groovitational snubbul
      cool. i mainly joined for battling outside of shoddy =]

      no there is no problem, i just wanted to know where you were.

      nah it's fine, i'm not sure i really have the time atm anyway.
    14. groovitational snubbul
      groovitational snubbul

      join the Clan Hobby and Calum created, you would be a great addition :)
      oh and just for convinience, are you on Marr or here now? i'm kinda confused.
    15. Addie
      Jirachi is cool because it can do pretty much everything in Pokemon, and is one of those "unobtainable legends". Gengar is pretty much the same versatility wise, but it always fascinated me as a "fat" ghost. Vaporeon is cute, and counters a lot of the metagame's threats.
    16. Addie
      If you're still wondering, my favorites are probably Jirachi, Gengar, and Vaporeon.
    17. groovitational snubbul
      groovitational snubbul
      JRC where have you been?

      the CRMT needs you!
      come back.............Pweaze?
    18. groovitational snubbul
      groovitational snubbul
      hey man why haven't you been on Marriland lately?
    19. Alcatraz
      Post a team to be rated on Serebii when I could post it on Smogon :/ xD.
    20. Salavoir55
      Hm. Excellent observation =D. *accepts*
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    June 23
    Dominican Republic
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