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  • Hey, idk if you remember me but I think you helped me with one of my teams around 7 months ago.
    I was wondering if you could help me with my newest team?
    Do you also think banning Salamence is (...)?

    How are you going to replace it? Dragonite? Kingdra?

    I'm not. I drop by sometimes to fix bad rates and just say stuff. Otherwise busy with lots of other things. How are things with you?

    You were online omgwtfbbq
    Nice. You are back (I see you've been online today). Great.

    The UU team from my last VM, a Rain team reached #5 some months ago, now it isn't on the leaderboard anymore.

    Anyways, a nice achievement.

    How are you? Do you have a new team?

    He and Team Huh? trolled big time, so lots of people were permabanned. I can't really give more details than that since I missed it.

    Okay, I'll let you know once he gets back to me. He said that he'd take it into consideration, but there's a lot to consider, so it will probably be a while.
    If you have a team for me to rate, you know you can always PM/VM me. Maybe I PM the written RMT to you and maybe some other people who aren't trolls. First I would like to do some more testing battles.

    Reno is CRMT mod again. I won't post my RMT. I don't want to let him quit being mod again. Please don't push me to posting it again.

    No small rates, those quality-lacking posts are spammish. And no long rates, most people don't deserve my effort.

    Why is Calum banned?

    Do you understand why I don't rate anymore. Whgen I get a rate, I test it if I can keep Milotic. But my rates are never used. I only rate for people who deserve effort. Like you.

    When I post the RMT, you will get a VM.

    Yeah, I'm very sure of what I'm saying. Calum is banned and will probably be quitting soon. You are inactive. GS is going/has gone inactive. I don't know what's up with ging. All the tutors are inactive or done with Pokemon, so that's why it's only DL over there right now.

    I'll propose the merge for your sake though, nevertheless, even though I'm not really sure how to ask it since as far as the old system goes I really don't see the mods seeing a point to merging because they appear to be in a sense already.
    I changed something: No Lucario, but Scizor. Then I have Roost (Roost/SD Scizor). Good, I don't have a good Tyranitar counter again, but good, I have three checks (Skarmory, Scizor and Gliscor), so I an not that weak to it. I dealt with it fine. If I post the RMT, could you rate please? Maybe you have an idea against Tyranitar.

    I am going to post it in 2009.

    I don't play, but I am Ajax fan. It is an European top club. And WHC is an amateur club, cup matches.

    I won't rate. My rates always got ignored. I PM rate sometimes. I posted some weeks ago, a mega long rate, ignored. That happens often. I won't rate anymore, except for some people.

    Do you like my defensive idea (Skarmory+Blissey+Gliscor+Milotic)?

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