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  • Of course I'm going to give it to you :)

    It is about how to build an ofensive team (I took it from a page named pokemex), it is a little bit long, but hey! It is very cool ;)


    Also, try to learn spanish, it is a little bit difficult at first, but remember it is the 3 or 4 more spoken language in the world!

    I'm gonna send you a friend invite :)
    Randomspot, what WW means?
    V is the letter "V". If I use it as such (IE: VVV), it's pointing to the post directly below. If I use ^ as suc (IE: ^^^), it's referring to the post directly above mine.
    I have a question, not about competitive battling but is a question after all, so... how can I write a link that instead of appearing the link (for example serebiiforums.com) it appears as a word or phrase? I'm really curious >.<
    {URL="http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=369021&page=52"]Question thread[/URL}

    Except obviously use [] instead [} or {]. If you do the above, it will appear as:

    Question thread

    Replying here because that was spam, and you're not supposed to reply to spam.
    I have posted, but only in the battle area. That was a long time ago, when I still did Wi-Fi. I only come here because I get a wall message every now and then. I'm more than happy with where I am contributing now. :)
    well i already have a good team for internetbattles at the moment and the wi-fi started acting up again lately but that will be solved soon, maybe if you like we can have battle sometime:3
    you know, to be really honest i have no idea how to do that with links, i never had the need for using it, though it might be explained in one of these forum guides:
    and TBH means Tired But Happy, i never use shortcuts for grammar myself but some guys on forums do so it's allways handy to know what they mean.

    anyway, i'll report at the adopt a newbie thread that everything went fine, should you ever have something you must know or just want someone to chat with that then you'll know where to find me^^

    we'll keep in touch okay?
    Yea I've been a bit busy, but finally I can bring in something for the site =D. How have you being? And the site has being a bit laggy, but other than that, I've made some friends and I helped some members with their teams, the good part, they PMd me. Nice to hear from you :]
    ah that's good to hear, i was wondering, i see you making alot of progress since you came to this site do you think you can be on your own from now on? if you need a little more time then it's okay but if you think you'll have enough experience to break the mentorship then i can report back to the adopt a newbie thread so i can help another new person.

    oh and everything is going great with me as well^^
    i'm often busy maintaining my groups.
    But you told me a set of Pokés to build my team, and I've already managed to get 3 done (just missing the EV's). Now I'll be working on Bronzong, and there are still missing 2 Pokés.
    By the way, what if we put Umbreon in place of Bronzong? It would be a Baton Passer, and a nice Wall too.
    What do you think about it?
    I have the Bronzor now, it has a Sassy nature, since I couldn't find a Relaxed one. I guess Sassy's fine too.
    The big problem is the moveset, since 3 of them are TM only. I'll do my best to obtain them, though.
    Meanwhile, what's the next poké?
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