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  • Xhizorz, if you ever see this, consider it a reply.

    Is good to hear that. I'll start posting again but not right now. I had stopped due to midterms and holidays. Hopefully, I'll be able to help. I mean, I was surprised by the stupidly of some raters. So yeah, the usual. Merry Christmas for you, Xhizorz.
    Merry christmas.

    Instead of rates, I am working on a new team, like the old one (defensive team, Ajax-style). Gliscor, Milotic, Skarmory and Blissey form the defense. No Lucario weak this time. Latias and Lucario did a good job on the old team. I have to test and aside from that, I am done. I will post a new RMT for it: Ajax 2009/2010.

    Ajax won with 14-1! Big score! Poor WHC XD.

    There's no need to officially merge. They've artificially merged as it is due to our tutors being here too. Notice how similar it is to our old style of tutoring before we switched to "course mode." And as far as merging the "course mode" with it, I doubt it will be effective since I don't think we have enough active people to teach. We barely had enough people at bld; in fact we didn't have enough.

    Also, I don't know if it would be taken care of properly and actively enough, since Sppf's current program looks kind of....lazy. However, if you or another would like to make that proposal, go ahead.
    Sounds good, I'll be gone the 26th but I'll get to reading it ASAP.

    Lol, *buys ps3* (cool)
    I know what you mean, there wasn't anything I needed this year, and any time I go to buy anything - a game, a book, anything - I always get quite stressed and feel guilty cause I know I don't need it. The xbox was my mum's suggestion.

    Personally I didn't mind which I got, the ps3 probably has the better exclusive games in my opinion, but my friends have xboxes mainly...and the ps3 is dearer :p

    I'm looking forward to Christmas though, and If i don't get the chance to say it again before friday, Merry Christmas :)
    JRC, when you're done, please post your guide and post any questions and answers with Ampy concerning it at bld. It could be useful information if ever it starts up again.
    Alright, that sounds good. And completely understandable... same goes for me.

    (BTW I love Linkin Park too)
    Hey JRC, I know you must be busy, but I was wondering when we can get back to tutoring?
    Oh, cool, I'm getting an xbox for christmas, so I'm hoping to get the first Modern Warfare at least. Nothing new really though. You hoping to get anything nice this christmas?
    I was too busy to test. I finally did. I asked Serebii if I can bump my RMT. No team rebuild, I just tested suggestions. YUou can read abiut it in my thread if Serebii says it is allowed.

    Ohh. I can't wait until we get some more qualified people over there. >.> Anyways, we'd appreciate it if you would let us know that on bld whenever possible so that we don't deadmin you due to inactivity and/or not contributing for an extended period of time.

    Well that's cool! Literature exams are the hardest to ace too since they can be quite subjective! =)
    Hey, JRC! How is your course coming? I remember you said you couldn't post the course itself earlier. Can you do it now?

    Also, I'm back now. Just PM what you've done with the students while I've been gone, so I can catch up--if there's anything that is.
    Yea, I was trying to find something that had to do with zap, and electriciy and stuff and the Magnemite looked pretty cool in that position. I know that you prefer JRC. btw can you accept me into the EV course on bld. Calum reccomended me to join the course. I'll tell Salavior if you don't have the time.
    i was in the profile of some guy when i saw your name on his friendlist so i decided to see if you were still active on this site, i opened your infoboard and noticed you had a PS3 with modern warfare 2 in your sig that's when i got the idea to send you one.

    that way it's more easy for me to stay in touch with people i know from here, i spend alot of time on it see:p

    but yeah we need to do a few matches, don't hesitate to send me an invite when you see that i'm online, i still have to try out tons of perk/weaponcombo's anyway^_^
    Oh, I guess I was right then about the names and stuff. I still remember when I was a noob and I called you JRCxyz when I was doing one of my (crappy) rates and then you were like, "Name's JRC." I still find the name-calling to be funny, but that's just me.

    Good joke, even though it wasn't exactly clear and wasn't intended to be one.
    hello JC, it's been a while how have you been?
    i saw in your sig that you are looking for people who play MW2 on the PS3, i happen to be one of those if you are interested in adding me:)

    in my sig there is a spoiler that comes with my PSN ID, open it and click the card, you'll see my trophyprogress in call of duty modern warfare 2 aswell as other games.
    Wow, I haven't been on properly in ages...again :(

    I'm really sorry for not replying.

    Have you been up to much lately?
    Especially since TL's kicked it :/
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