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  • This is a bit of a late response, but yeah, I learned most of what I know originally from Smogon. I did just now notice the horrific DD Tar weak, thanks for pointing it out, although I am no longer laddering with that team.

    I would think that someone who seems as experienced as you are would have noticed, but, how many people on the CRMT forum know how to properly create or rate a team? I mean, don't take this the wrong way, but this CRMT forum sucks. What are your thoughts?
    Whoa, you changed your avatar. I almost didn't notice you for a second because I was so used to the Mew avatar, but Garchomp is cool.
    I unbolded Smeargle.

    Please stop saying you are sorry for things like "not sending PM" while I already did or like "I can't help". You helped me and PM-rated. That is helping.

    I sent the PM not because you didn't. I didn't post the RMT Friday either. I posted it Saturday. I thought: "Now it is time to do what I promised JRCxyz, wether I will get infracted/banned or not." So I did. Now I did post it, I thought: "I get banned because of my RMT anyways, I can just request strict moderation."

    Here is the PM, spoilered.

    Also, I didn't want to trouble you again.

    I hope you appreciate it.

    Sorry for not posting my RMT Friday.

    We are trying to find a place where they do shoddy clans and move TL there, but so far we have had no luck.
    Hey, I'm done reading the guides.

    Nice theory in your sig... hopefully we can do just that.
    Man that means we lost one of the best. Although he always had those long posts, his reasoning was unparalleled in the fact that he was always able to prove his point with calculations and you can't agrue with math. I just wish I knew him a bit better.
    Yea thanks for the compliment. People have been talking about it lately and I appreciate it. Suicidal CRMT is lol, but unfournately it's true. Serebii just has too many noobs,so the mods just can't keep up so for every infraction the mod gives, 10 more happen. It's just impossible to keep up. So basically, even if one more mod was added, the mod would die from trying to keep up. That's why a whole bunch of knowledgable people should become mods. Though I feel you, Sala, Calum, and Kingdrom among others deserve to be a mod becuase you guys have the seniority and know what to do. Plus one on one, all of you are smarter than me and know more about the game. We'll see what happens, but for now I'm just going to continue to rate a bit and try to teach some of the people that actually put effort into things and want to learn. Though I think I might go inactive a bit for this week because I have too many school projects.

    Sadly, I don't have an X-box. Though I am pretty much additced to shooting games and always play them at my friend's house.(Halo comes to mind) Eaglehawk was talking to me about getting MW2 for Wii which is a console I do have. Sorry. :/
    You didn't want to let me post today or tomorrow. How about posting Friday, VMing you the link so you can PM Shining Mew and Iggly.

    However, please give me a PM first to see what you are going to tell them.

    Thank you.

    It's fine, I have time.

    Well good night, I'm going to bed pretty soon too
    Please PM both Shining Mew AND Iggly.

    You understand a problem: Timezones. Where do you live? I live in the Netherlands, Europe, GMT+1.

    The trollers could've made alts. Xhizors has one (AbsoLover if I remember it right).

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