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Recent content by JRCxyz

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    Fair enough. I'll just leave the conversation here since I've been really busy myself lately and...

    Fair enough. I'll just leave the conversation here since I've been really busy myself lately and don't feel like wasting each other's time. I will say, though, that that's good for you ;D. I'll message you when I play the game again. Until then, bye <3
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    Hey Sky. Well, I've been ok xD. Nothing pokemon related but everything's good really. Not really...

    Hey Sky. Well, I've been ok xD. Nothing pokemon related but everything's good really. Not really back since I'm not playing again (yet) but I'm visiting Serebii for now. I've been told you're big and famous at Smogon now o: Maybe not those words but that's how I see it. How that happened?
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    Playing With Your Favorites

    That's why test in online simulators like Pokemon Online before starting to breed and raise your pokemon.
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    Team Preview in Wifi Battes "Advantage or disadvantage"

    I knew Blue Harvest will say this xD That's not true at all. Assuming you don't play someone who's trash, the game comes down to who has the best team when one against the other. I'm not really being clear but I'll try to explain some more. There's (almost) always a team that have the...
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    Celebi! your making a comeback!

    Nice fail ;p Lol. My thoughts exactly.
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    HO in the Metagame Today

    Lol, Bulldogs. He knows I say this with love but wow. Some guys here really have gotten better. I'm glad. I mean, I don't really care about badges and all but that's something big (I believe). Mail Time I remember vaguely but I do remember him. Lunar I have no idea who he is (sorry xD)...
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    Free money! Today!

    You know, you were mentioning AB again and again and I was about to ask if it was Apple Butter. I see he has gone a long road now o: I remember helping his teams xD. If you see him on Smogon (I assume you're there too, Gamefreak), let him know I said hi (he probably forgot about me xD...
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    HO in the Metagame Today

    Oh. Then I should go visit him at the xat. He was, as I said before, really cool. I know he had gone to Smogon, though. I remember when he first posted his HO team. He had gone to Smogon for a tutor or something and learned HO from Stathakis (I'm probably writing it wrong but meh), the guy with...
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    HO in the Metagame Today

    There's Middle Cup now? O_O That's cool. I remember Skynet as well. I was going to mention him on my previous post but decided not to. What happened to him?
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    Rate My UU Team!

    Suicune and Celebi are both UU... That's not right :/ But yeah, any specific reason why you're using Giga Drain > Grass Knot or Leaf Storm? This is the kind of things you write in the descriptions. Oh and I agree with the guy above. Take Stealth Rock out of one of the two pokemon...
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    My First Shot at OU

    That's pretty cool except that, you know, Weezing doesn't take Spikes. So yeah. By the way, Weezing isn't as bad as you make it out to be. Just saying.
  12. J

    Free money! Today!

    Lol, BH shutting everyone up. I agree with Blue Harvest, why Pursuit over Brick Break on Scizor? Doesn't seem very wise. Why does Hyper Offense threads have people explaining them over and over? People can't grasp how the simplest of teams work? ._. But yeah, what BH said.
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    Playing With Your Favorites

    Yeah, don't worry. I like that you're humble about it ;D. I see your point. Well, what can I say about this? You're right. It bothers you a little, and I kind of get that, but it's understandable that some people don't want to lose over and over because they like, for example, Blaziken...
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    HO in the Metagame Today

    I like this guy :3 I wish I could play some PO (not really, I'd rather play Shoddy like old times). I may be able to play tomorrow or wednesday. Anyone feels like playing me? Preferably a 4th gen match and then a 5th gen (or the other way around). We could make some testing regarding HO and how...
  15. J

    Playing With Your Favorites

    I know you directed your post at Rhys but I'll reply to it. Shadowslash, why are you so proud you can win with a team of UU/NU in OU? This is something I don't get. People seem to have this idea that using lower tiers make you in some way "special" or "unique". I believe this was mentioned in...