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  • Agreed a 4v4,5v5 or 6v6 would not only make up for the 2v2 gym battles,it will also be a grand way of ending the gym badge saga of the series.

    The only possible downside is that the battle will be rushed but since it's such a major battle it probably will be a 2 parter if it ends up being a 4v4 and above.
    What can I say. Hell I'll admit I'm a dick at times but plenty of people on here act the same if not worse. When whoever it is PMs me that with their real account then I'll respond properly.
    I can kind of see what people are saying if pointing out that Gardenia didn't count, given that I don't think Ash even knew she was the Gym Leader yet when he fought her the first time, but still, he did outright lose that battle using both Turtwig and Staravia. And I definitely think Fantina should count, his Gym battle with her was absolutely treated as a rematch rather than being a "true" battle following an "unofficial" battle. I kind of hope Ash loses to Valerie too, just because he frankly doesn't have an obvious counter to Trick Room unless Pikachu's Static activates or Fletchinder turns out to have Gale Wings. Plus I admit I'd like Spritzee to be evolved for the rematch, but that's not really a big deal.
    We aren't allowed to post preview links anymore unless they're from TV Tokyo's Youtube channel. :x
    Yeah. Some of the Gym Leaders seemed so weak in Kanto, who in their right mind would make someone so weak a Gym Leader? Also, if Gym Leaders don't use weaker Pokémon against beginning trainers, the League will become useless for newbies.
    I'm good, thanks for asking.
    I got school tomorrow (why :(), and just finishing off some homework due in a few days time.
    So are you an Amourshipper yourself? Or any other ships you support?
    IKR? I wasn't. I think it's the former from what we've seen. A WIN will be good and will shut up the haters, or make them bark louder. -__-''''
    IKR!! He really is! Yes I am, i hope Pikachu finally puts that screen-time hogging jackal in its place.
    People still look in those things? Yeah, it just has some things that bug me, but even then it's not horrible. Well that's good you're enjoying it.
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