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  • Just checked Bulbapedia.. Apparently, I just have to beat the league and the next stone will be available..
    Random question, I got Charizardite from Sycamore, Blastoisite from the Stone Emporium, but where do I get the Venusite (sp)? I didn't even want Blastoisite, but the SE didn't give me a choice.. :(
    I've also got most Mega Evolutions at this point.. I'm still missing these: Aerodactyl, Aggron, Scizor, Banette and... Mewtwo...
    Everybody has their own reasons for picking a team. You know mine, but in that sense there's a few that I tend to favor a bit more, with my main six being Chesnaught, Greninja, Talonflame, Aegislash, Dragalge and Carbink. I'm doing it for the type spread, and I'm only missing Ice as one of my favorite types.. And I just realized, I can switch up four of my favorite six, and I can still have the same types. Switch out Chesnaught, Greninja, Aegislash and Carbink for Trevenant, Barbaracle, Pangoro and Klefki and you have the same 8 types! xD It's sad though that there's only a single Poison-type introduced.. What I could do is use Charizard X and a Crobat and I'd have rotated my entire team for the same types, but I don't even have Charizardite X (I've got Y for that time in which I'll run a Sun-team xD). I've literally replaced my Aurorus from my main team for Carbink just a few days ago..

    I've got an additional team, and it consists of Snorlax, Swellow, Umbreon, Shelgon, Lapras and Drapion. So the only things you use that I don't have is an Azumarill and Espeon, but I've got an Umbreon so that's fair.
    Oh, and I've also made up that rule that if I find a Revive or a Rare Candy, that I can use them to revive fainted pokemon on the spot. Everything that's found is fairgame to resuscitate a fallen companion, as long as I don't heal them in a PokéCenter.. -.-

    But yeah, haven't done a Nuzlocke in Y, but it would be an interesting thing to do.. I'm kind of envious of people who managed to do a 'blindlocke', who went in totally blind and didn't have an idea of what was going to happen.. Though on the other hand, you could easily potentially reach the 3rd gym that way with the only 6th gen team member being your starter. My first encounter was a Pidgey, and then a Caterpie or Pansage in the forest and a Farfetched in the route between the first gym and Victory Road, and a Ralts/Combee in the route leading to Lumiose City.. -.-

    I think the only two routes where you have a large chance of meeting a new pokemon straight of the bat would be Route 7 (Flabebe and Spritzee), or 16 where you constantly find the Ghost/Grass-types+Klefki. Oh well..
    Haven't reached the E4 yet, haven't even beaten Wulfric (sp?) yet.. I use that same approach though (4 on 4, 3 on 3, etc). I've tried to start a Nuzlocke challenge a few times - in which I do 1 capture per route, and fainting=death (unless I have found a revive/rare candy), but I never seem to finish them, because I fall into old patterns.

    I've only attempted Nuzlocke's on Red, Crystal and Emerald (because those are games I have on emulators/borrowing), but the first thing I do is look up which pokemon are in which route and calculate which pokemon I need to catch where and what capture means for which other route I was supposed to capture whatever in. For instance, if I were to capture a Zubat in MtMoon, then I'm eligible to not capture one in Rock Tunnel and thus capture an Onix/Machop/Geodude, and if I capture an Onix in Rock Tunnel, that means I can capture a Graveler in Victory Road, etc. Oh, and if I've captured a Spearow, that means that I can capture multiple Spearow afterwards, but not to supplement the main Spearow if it dies, but for Fly purposes, or trade it for the Farfetched in Vermillion City. Etc.. It starts to defeat the entire purpose of a Nuzlocke.. -.-
    That being said, I've only been training a select group, which are basically the new 32, and whatever I can get my hands on that can potentially mega evolve. So that's barely two boxes filled, plus a few filled with breeding efforts - which I completely don't get anymore.. I bred Kangaskhan with a male Lapras with Surf and Ice Beam, and neither of the moves were passed on to the newly bred Kangaskhan.. Scratch that, just read in the game mechanics section that this was Pre-XY.. -.-
    Lol! You probably should! I live a relatively short while away from Amsterdam, but manageable with public transport.. I got my BA last year, so I'm done in June if all goes well. Fingers crossed..

    I'm bored.. XY still hasn't proven the hype for me. I was probably most letdown by how clunky Team Flare was handled (introducing the majority of the admins at the very end, they just can't seem to get it right, referring to BW having a better story but leaving the admins unused until B2W2), and how some routes are boring to go through (being physically short) with most having only one new pokemon, and the 'Laverre Nature Trail' and 'Grand Valley' being the most boring pokemon-wise, they basically c/p'd Moor of Icirrus/Great Marsh, without Palpitoad..
    Hey, I've got no clue on how to add personal tags to positive or negative reputation comments. It's one of the reasons why I've chosen to keep my reputation marker 'grey', regardless if it's positive or negative. It's so easy for trolls to just come in and rate your comment negatively and not leave a remark as to why that it only feels like an irritating backstabbing. Especially when it's done to comments that are objective or neutral.

    You're a student in NYC, how's that going for you? I'm an MA-student in Amsterdam, media major.
    I was going to take part in that, but I had to think about do I really have an interest in movies like the other people taking it up. I have to think that one through.
    No problem, I'm glad I could help. Ah, I was actually going to pick that college. They had everything I liked to do, expect the major I was going for. I really wanted to go there. (>.<)
    Oh, that would be so awesome. Thank you. I'm worrying about the math, I'm very bad in math and it's all Chinese to me. I try to get it and try to do all the steps, but it always turns out wrong. So, I just turn in work even if it is wrong. Which is very ironic in my case, I have an A in math. ._. Which college did you go to?

    Here's the episode, if you didn't find it yet. Sorry for the wait.
    I'd love to see that as well, but people are starting to annoy me with this constant bickering about them both.

    I've been good, I'm totally excited for college now, so I've been looking around on the internet.
    What about you?
    So very true. I don't complain that much, but I'm really not liking how his Starters are turning out. It's basically the same as his Johto team, except that Pignite is in Bayleef's spot.
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